Hanging Out With Red Kites

Red Kite Radio

This week has been a surreal week and I have been hanging out with Red Kites; not the feathered versions but the great team who have just launched our new local radio station, Red Kite Radio.

The radio station launched on Sunday the 18th of June 2017 and I was honoured to be the first ever guest on Red Kite Radio reading live my poem (pictured above), dedicated to the new station.  Below is evidence of the big day (just in case the Poetry Police are monitoring) and for Mrs.D who says I have the perfect face for radio.


Davy D points poignantly at a wall.

Every Monday starting from July 3rd 2017 I will be on the Howard Bond show between 3.20pm and 3.30pm talking about poetry, reading some of my poetry and poetry written by local writers, as well as some of the more famous and well known poems.

This has kick started a project to include recordings of some of my longer poems and excerpts from the radio bits on the blog, which will also be starting on Inside the Mind of Davy D in July.

You can find Red Kite Radio locally in the UK on 107.2 FM and the station will be available on the internet soon.

In readiness for my first appearance I’m off to buy a Cravat and a Persian Cat.


It’s so good to see you, Davy! My regards to Mrs.D. I’m so excited for you.

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Congrats on the new radio venture!

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Oh yay! This is awesome 🙂 Congratulations, Davy. And a warm hello to Mrs. D as well 🙂

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This is so awesome! Congrats!!
haha and your wife sounds like a hoot! She must be proud 🙂

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Fantastic! If I lived within radio range, I’d tune in. Enjoy and celebrate! (Mrs. D’s comment is too funny.) 🙂

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    Thank you Gwen. They are intending to stream the station on the internet in the near future and I am hoping to get copies my slot to use on the blog. Noted that you liked Mrs. D’s comment lol 🙂

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This is so exciting. I am very happy for you , my friend.

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That is so very cool Davy D!! Congrats!

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Yes!….wish I could hear your broadcasts here in California. Wonderful that you are bringing so much poetry out into the world. Blessings all around!
Susan W

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    Thank you Susan maybe I will let you know when they are streaming on the internet. I will be mentioning your book poemcrazy at some stage as well as some of your marvellous quotes on poetry (if that is alright with you). Many blessings.


This is great, Dave. Best of luck with the radio show, looking forward to tuning in. Is Mrs D. like Mrs Columbo? (i.e. we’ll never see her, but she runs the show).

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Congrats Davy, what exciting news! Can’t wait to hear you on the internet. And you are blessed to have a wife with a great sense of humor. Guess she needs it to keep up with you! Blessings. 🙂

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Congratulations!! and wow this is just so amazing! I know a celebrity for real now!! I will find how I can tune in or listen to you! I must! This is really awesome for you and you look so cool with the shades! all the best for this new project Mr D, and my best wishes to Mrs D as she deals with your new status!!

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    Thank you Gina for your kind words. If I get any ideas about being a celebrity Mrs. D will put me firmly in my place. I think my list of jobs has been increased just to remind me 🙂


How marvelous for you! And I think you’ll look wonderful in a cravat. 😉

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Congratulations on getting your own radio spot.

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Oh wow. This seems late but congratulations,D! I wonder… do they have online site where we can tune in and listen to you?

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Let me know when it’s online please ❤

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Hey Davy D, what does your avatar say?

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