Above and Below

Above and Below


This is wonderfully done, Davy.

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Beautiful contrasts – compelling and lingering. As always, thank you for the morning reflection, Davy. 🙂

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reflection and like a point break in our lives Davy when we read this. thank you for the wise words and reminders, always good to have thoughts like these to be more mindful in all our non verbal actions.

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Pigeons as would-be hackers of our lines of communication – what a great image, Davy. Your verse raise many questions. Are we the thrushes or the worms? maybe both!

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    Interesting thoughts Roland and thank you for sharing them. You raise a very good question and my initial thought is we can be thrushes or worms at different times.


Thanks for your response, Davy. Sorry, but I can’t get my ‘Like’ button to work at the moment. Also sorry for ‘raise’ instead of ‘raises’!

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Interesting imagery, Davy. A thought-provoking reflection.

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This is filled with wisdom Davy..

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intriguing thoughts Mr D.

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So thought provoking. We all need to be more mindful and aware of what is really important.

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Hmm, hmm.. a very reflective piece D.

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So wonderful, Davy. Nature is amazing, and it’s right under our noses. I had to chuckle because I’ve been working on a haiku along the same lines–hidden things beneath the dirt. I better stop now, or I’ll spoil it!

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Slowing down to hear the silence of nature is healing. Very thought provoking.

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