And this is why the Haiku is such a highly regarded form. Yourself, Roland and I were discussing poetic form. ‘Twilight’ is an example of how the strict form forces the poet to break through. In this case resulting in a telling piece of exquisite beauty and simplicity.
Thank you Davy.

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Oh, my goodness – exquisite! A few carefully chosen words have altered my perspective. Beautiful!

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You work this form so well, Davy. No wasted words, straight to the point and memorable.

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Few words to the point. That’s the brilliance of it 🙂 That’s your uniqueness, Davy. Love this one.

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Davy, Really great piece! I always love topics on time! Time becomes precious is true always but even more so in the “Twilight” of life! Always good to be reminded. Thanks for this!!!

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Oh, very nice, Davy. I find this piece very enjoyable.


“…the faltering clock.”

Oh, how I adore that connotation. So brilliant, you. ❥

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