A thought-provoking start to my day, Davy, which you so often provide. Thoughts of ‘Time-and-Tide waiting for no man’, King Canute, life’s detritus on the seashore, etc. Picture, haiku, title, alliteration, juxtaposition of life’s waste and beauty – all fit together so well. Is that an old bedstead I see before me in the morning’s glory?

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I can understand this. It’s deep.

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Another wonderful piece. Your photo and your words play together in such great harmony.

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Love this…don’t we all try to try to stop time or at least hold it through a photo or memory. And, lotions…I only wish it were so simple…LOL.

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You.always put together your words and your photo.perfectly well..

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I agree with everyone here. You always package your words and images perfectly 🙂

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I can relate to this. Well done!


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