The Blackbird’s Last Song?

The Blackbird's Last Song_


Wonderful, Davy 🙂

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A touch of Poe? In Australia we have magpies , which attack the innocent during spring:)

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You write such wonderful verses. This is a scene you wrote. Very vivid. It unfolded right before my eyes as I read.

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Imminent death awaiting at the hands (paws) of Tom Cat. Love the powerfully expressed sense of doom in the animal kingdom, Davy.

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gruesomely delightful .. 🙂

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Oohhhh i feel so sad …i love my furry animals and this heartbreaking

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Mine too, he is so raw and honest.

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This is delightful. I can just picture this – but not the ending.

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There is a Magpie and squirrel feud going on outside the building where my son works. The squirrels are winning.

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Pets of any description killing wildlife is not an act of nature, basically the onus is on the their owners to see such acts don’t happen. The bottom line is owners are libel under the wildlife protection act. With respect, I don’t think I need to be more elaborate, only to say not all wildlife is not covered, rats for an example, but blackbirds certainly are. Another point worth mentioning re the bb, is that it, like a lot of British birds, are in decline.

Your poem, although for me is in bad taste, (sorry T.C), is brilliant. Me, if ever I see my cat. (also named T.C.), stalking, or any other cat, I scare it off. With respect, in fact this comment was more of a response to another commenters comment, re the act of nature bit. I am all for acts of nature, had it been a wild cat, enough said I think.

Keep on writing,


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    Cheers Mick. I agree with your comments and the truth of this matter is in reverse to what many people have conceived. T.C. is now an elder statesman and is terrified of this particular Blackbird. When it comes near him he runs into the house. I just thought I would use some poetic licence and turn the clock back 10 years for him when the outcome would have been entirely different.

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      I feel a bit silly really, as was as I said, the comment was made based on another comment, not so much on your poem. So a big think you for understanding where I was coming from, and please give my regards to your T. C. and a hear, hear, for poetic licence!

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      No need to feel silly Mick. I really appreciated the honesty in your comment. About 10 years ago my wife and I watched him take out a blackbird in full flight and we were horrified. He was grounded for two weeks. I think what he is experiencing now is karma 🙂


      Absolutely nothing you could of done about that. Poor T.C 😦

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      I know Mick, it was both horrific and mesmerising watching nature in action. I think being on hand as his private butlers since has eased his pain 🙂

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