Poetic Motivations:52

Poetic Motivations_52


I suspect most muses are like that from time to time. Fortunately, they, even Stevie Smith’s, wake up on the odd occasion.

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I have learned one thing, my muse is a jealous thing. So whenever she comes, no matter where I am or what time it is, I must never cast her aside. She will go off and pout and who knows when she might return.

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Haha! I echo thebackyardpoet here. My muse is a jealous thing… and a lazy butt too. She hates repeating herself so if she ever whispers I need to have a pen or a phone. Thanks for today’s motivation, D! 🙂

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Love this! Funny but my muse seems happy all the time. Merrily playing, not a care in the world. Leaving me little tidbits night & day, never needing food, drink, rest or sleep. Only I sulk, cry, whine & suffer when choosing to move along & ignore her gifts freely given!

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