Poetic Beats #1

Poetic Beats

As some of you will know I started with a poetry slot on my local radio station Red Kite Radio a few weeks ago. Each week I am a guest on the show of Howard Bond, a fellow Northerner and guru of music from the 1960’s. The good news is we have managed to work out how to record the show and put it in a file format that can be used on Inside the Mind of Davy.

We have named the slot Poetic Beats and it takes place each Monday between 15.15 and 15.30 BST. Where possible, I will post the recording of each Monday’s programme on the Friday of that week on Inside the Mind of Davy D.

In short, Poetic Beats is designed to get poetry out there and as well as reading some of my own work, I will be reading some of the more famous poems (copyright allowing). We are also trying to get other local poets involved.

Poetic Beats follows a simple format. Each month we have a theme and there is the reading of a poem, a musical break and then an explanation and discussion of the poetry.

During July, we are looking at the theme of motion in poetry and in this week’s recording we read and discussed the poem Velvet Shoes by Elinor Morton Wylie and highlighted the charity, Poems in the Waiting Room.

If any of you want to listen to Poetic Beats live then you can find Red Kite Radio on the internet using the Tune In App, or you can visit the Red Kite Facebook page and press the Use App button at the top of the page.

You can listen to this weeks show by clicking the arrow on the bar below. Enjoy and I would value any feedback.


Oohh thank you for sharing this Davy…

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Listening to the two of you was inspirational! I always look forward to your postings, Davy, because I am so often entranced by the images shared. Thank you for the link and the morning awakening. 🙂

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where is local for you Davey?
Sadly I have limited internet access so I stick to reading and posting only .. no radio or youtubes 😦

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    Calmkate, I am over in England in a place called Haddenham near Oxford. I have put a link of the recording at the bottom of the post but don’t know how well it will work with limited internet access. Where are you based?

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      Queensland, oz .. love the Oxford area but what a great way to air poetry, good on you! Something I might think about for next year, radio poetry sessions I mean. Have absolutely no idea but always open to new opportunities 🙂

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      That sounds a great idea calmkate. My purpose is just to get poetry out there any way I can. I don’t know how long the poetry on the radio will last but it has given me some ideas about podcasts etc. Just dive in and enjoy the experience and there is always an ear here.

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      exactly why I started blogging as I felt those who were interested could read and those not could move on .. appreciate your offer, know we have community radio here but am in transition now so once I’m settled I will explore possibilities, thanks 🙂

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Thank you for the share, Davy.

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Hey Davy, loved the post and thanks for the link. It was great to hear the voice behind your brilliant talent.

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    Thank you Jerry I am humbled but very appreciative of your kind words. I will hopefully sound less terrified as I get used to having a great big microphone stuck in front of my face. Have a good weekend.

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Thanks so much for sharing your radio program here with us. I loved that poem and you did a great job with reading. Love the English accent! Keep up the good work Davy, will keep tuning in!

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Impressive stuff, Dave. Catching up on a months worth of Davy D – looking forward to hearing more. D.

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