No Fairy Tales

No Fairy Tales


The emotional stigmata of my catholic youth itch on reading this, so very clever, so very real, if only it was just a harmless fairy tale..

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So much wisdom.Davy..

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Too often, too true. Isn’t it amazing how the glaring truth can shine through when the right words are masterfully lined up? Well done!

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Certainly no fairy tale Davy. Unfortunately, by the time we find the toad it is far too late.

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So true, Davy. Unfortunately, sometimes it too late to see that false exterior.

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The toad can’t stay buried forever and always reveals itself eventually. What a brilliant poem.

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Excellent and true for some. (PR)

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So many institutions and people are toad-like, in my opinion. Hopefully, we learn not to fall into the trap of believing in their falsehoods. They have a way of supporting their belief systems by subjugating others.

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