Poetic Motivations:54

Poetic Motivations_54



It’s a beautiful thought!

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A perceptive comment, and yes, Davy, it’s that hard-to-find, constantly hiding, devilish poetic muse again.

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I’d go there and live my life in pure happiness, rolling in words, breathing in verse. A creative utopia.

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lol, love it … mine arise spontaneously … there is no stopping them 🙂

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Concise and powerful!

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A beautiful share Davy…

Me too…i ‘ll where beautiful poetries are plantes…

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Wouldn’t it be glorious for us all to meet up in such a place? ❤️

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I’d like Michael Longley to take me with him if he ever finds one. Ha! But we can always create our own garden of poetry here… 🙂

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Nice one, Davy. I guess we have to go there metaphorically!

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I loved this post!! If we knew I’m sure there would be an Exodus. We’d be at the front wouldn’t we?

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Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
See if you have the same yearning that this post brought up in me!! I loved it!

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