Lovely, Davy–quite sensuous, actually. 🙂 I can smell the jasmine.

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As Laura says sensuous. But in classic Davy, from either plant or person ?

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Wowo. Fabulous! Ah ! Ah! ah!

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The smell of jasmine always reminds me of spring. It also makes the mind wander to a sensual place.

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I can smell a hint of mischief here.. hmm. We’d love to know where the scent takes us, D. 🙂

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scents are lovely things and evoke all sorts of memories

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    They are Gina and you are right a smell can bring a special memory straight to mind. Thanks for taking time to visit and comment and hope all is well.

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      All is well and great infact Davy, just feeling the pinch of time I can no longer selfishly say is all my mine. But I am happier sharing my days and nights though blogging has been the sacrifice.

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      Glad to hear all is well Gina. I am lucky in that I can fit the poetry and blogging around family and life. It is a pleasure and blessing to read your writing whenever you have the time to share it.


Lovely…scent and touch – passion awaits. 🙂

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Beautiful in every way.

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Love the scent of eroticism in your haiku, Davy – confirmed, of course, in your clever title. Those were the days!

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Must be heaven waking up to her and her scent!

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Sensuous awakening! Is there a better way? No! We will be awaiting further revelations! Ha!

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