Poetic Motivations: 55

Poetic Motivations_55


Life is imperfect, people are imperfect. Perfection is a myth. I don’t think I ever want to read a perfect poem:) great thought to get the mind thinking !

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Which is precisely why I’ve been holding back ………….! To be serious though, a wonderful quote, as wwmuse has said, thought provoking, it reads as poetry itself. Great start to the week Davy, Thank you.

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Perfection? The near perfect is what captures the heart and moves us forward… Thank you, Davy, for bringing poetry alive for me. πŸ™‚

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In Indian mythology, one of the three Supreme gods, vishnu (the God of protection, other two being creation and destruction) takes several forms as human or animals, something earthly during the ages. Nine to be exact. There’s a tenth form called kalki which he didn’t take and will do in the future and when he does, the world will end, because it’s the absolute form of power (something like that), I used to think it in reverse that he will appear when the world ends. Either way your quote made me think that, maybe the destruction of this world as we know would be the last poem the mankind. The one which can illustrate humanity of its flaws and values, something which any other writing yet couldn’t do it. Maybe, that’s why it’ll be that perfect poem.

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Certainly impresses upon us that the search for perfection will never cease. We are not given ever to be completely satisfied with what we create. As, I imagine God has never been satisfied with His creation of humankind! Thanks for this thought – provoking quote, Davy.

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    I think it is inbuilt in us Roland to keep striving for that perfection. It is maybe how we learn and keep humanity moving forward. Thank you for your thoughts.


I’m not sure I agree. Every time I read Shakespeare I think I have read perfection. Each time I hear the spoken word of a new young poet it becomes music to my ears and seems to be perfect in the moment. Perfection is a state of mind. And don’t all poets affect us in a different way? Therefore, perfection exists when we want it to exist. It’s rather like love… which can be fleeting or last forever. You decide.

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    Thank you for your in depth and interesting thoughts Lesley. What we define as perfection is different for each one of us and, as you say, it may only exist for a fleeting moment. It certainly leaves food for thought.

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For some reason this makes me chuckle. Perhaps b/c it’s so very true!

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