a child’s eye gazes
into a vast Universe
wondering what lay beyond.

between stars
thoughts of eternity
and a churning stomach
repel sleep.

mortality sows its seed,
still seeming far away.

in time’s blink
it returns to the doorstep,
reminding of now
and life’s remaining flavour.

with moments left,
the child dives
back into darkness
searching, for remnants
of a last hope.

© Davy D 2017


Another powerful, thought-provoking creation, Davy. The key to following your train of thought is, of course, in your title. I don’t always remember that. Love the imagery of ‘time’s blink’ and ‘a last hope’.

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Wonderful piece, love your enigmatic free form pieces Davy, a day of pondering methinks.

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This is wonderful, Davy–powerful. Time has a way of creeping up on us, doesn’t it? I want to be like that child–always “searching, for remnants of a last hope.” Such a poignant use of the telescope.

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Our life is but a very short moment in time. We must not waste it. As children we have hopes and dreams, but sadly as adults these dreams get pushed to the back as all our energy is put into adulting. We need poems like yours to remind us that dreams are important, and also to stress upon our children the importance their input is in making the world a better place.

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Very nice, wordsworthmuse. I’ve been feeling my age lately–a timely poem for me.

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Time is so elusive; and, as we climb in age, life’s telescope becomes our companion. Beautiful, Davy!

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Your title couldn’t be more perfect for your poem. Bravo on your entire creation.

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This is a clever & adorable poem Davy. Really love this one!


Oh this is such a deep poem. The last stanza the child finds it.

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One of your most thought provoking poems Davy..

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I don’t know how I miss your work.
This is way beyond stupendous.
I pictured the child and I could feel his thoughts.
Your posts are very vividly descriptive.

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