First Violin

First Violin

it was a thing of beauty.
your face a picture, as you
opened the case and saw it
for the first time
laid in red silk, fairy lights reflecting
on polished maple, resin overpowering pine.

we laughed as you battled
with the chinrest, trying to
breathe new life
into aged strings.

we cried at your early renditions
of “cat dragged across a blackboard.”

you persevered.

Sunday mornings
became the Royal Festival Hall.
Mutter, Neveu, Handel
graffiti on your bedroom wall.
until youth’s folly led you away,
the violin put to rest again.

sometimes i still sneak
into your cupboard
opening the case, listening
to the songs you left behind –
amongst disturbed dust.

© Davy D 2017


great piece, can feel the loss. love cat across a black board line.

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Beautifully wistfully nostalgic. Felt reminiscent of lost time. This is to beautiful, Davy .

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So beautiful. Echoing with memory and melancholy

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Lovely….”songs left behind” takes me back, sweetly. Thank you, Davy.

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Oh gosh, D. This is poignantly written.. I can hear nostalgia playing from those aged strings.

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This is really lovely Davy. I love the violin but must admit it looks like a very challenging instrument to learn.

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Wonderful piece, so apt the violin which I always feel has a mournful quality about it, like bagpipes, yet they always look & feel like ‘treasure’ somehow. Thanks for sharing Davy.

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Wonderful, Davy. You captured that place in time and allowed us to experience it also. In many ways, I guess, instruments are like photographs.

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Loved the way how you portrayed feelings in simple words


Very touching with a bit of sadness. This is a lovely poem, Davy.

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Thanks Davy! Great piece! Loved your – “we cried at your early renditions of – cat dragged across a blackboard” – Cracking me up again!!!

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This is beyond beautiful, touching & humorous too. One of my favorites!

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nostalgia, melancholia, playing, echoing, in every line.

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