Motion is My Muse (The Movie)

Unfortunately, due to the fact I am masquerading as poet with one foot at the moment, there is no Poetic Beats this week. Instead I have been experimenting with some video and poetry and have put together this piece for one of my poems, Motion is My Muse.

I would be really interested in your feedback and thoughts as I would like to develop more of this kind of work. Please enjoy and normal service with Poetic Beats will be restored next Friday.

Have a great weekend.


I think this is outstanding Davy, as is not unusual amongst poets, I have also been giving the spoken post some thought. My opinion is that it very often can greatly enhance the impact of a poem. But from experience it is crucially dependent on the narrator’s delivery in terms of tone, accent, inflection etc. I have most of the biggies in spoken form and the traditional ‘luvvie’ Gielgud voice is for me the most disappointing, even with Shakespeare’s words. Your conversational style on this video is spot on Davy, the impact difference is like a glass of wine vs a Brandy, they both relax but the Brandy/spoken impact is more immediate.

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    Thank you for taking the time to give this feedback Nigel. It is something I want to progress. I like to view my longer poems as conversations, as in my mind poetry is like a conversation between the writer and the reader. I try to be as natural as possible so thank you for feeding that back to me.

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I love this! Well done! Would not change a thing!

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An impressive poem, Davy. I do remember it from a previous blog, but it would be a help, to me at any rate, to have the full printed version of the poem’s text given to accompany the video, which wouldn’t load on my normal browser (Opera), but worked happily in MS Edge.

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I still have problems signing in to WordPress and in using the Like button when on my PC with Windows 10. No such problems when on my Samsung tablet and mobile.

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Well done, Davy, and I love your conversational style. This brings a whole new meaning to poetry! Happy Birthday, early and take care of that foot.

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I love this, Davy! The poem is lovely, and the visuals make the lines linger in the mind.

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Oh, and I hope your foot gets better soon! 🙂 But I don’t think you should stop playing football.

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Yes, it seems there almost always is a silver lining to our troubles.

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Davy, in my opinion, you should do more of these! Love the combination of visual and audio! Even audio alone is great! It relieves the eyes and lets the mind listen in darkness to the voice of the words as they paint the scene with their own vision of reality. I love not having to read the words so I can close my eyes and have my mind more actively involved in experiencing the words of the poem.

Please keep up with the audio at least.
And “Happy Birthday” early.

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    Thanks Chuck. I really appreciate the feedback. I am in the process of setting up a youtube channel where people can visit to see and listen to these. I will of course still post them on the blog. Have a great week. If I remember aren’t you based in Texas. If so I hope all is well.


This sounds great Davy! The quality of your voice is well suited for reading poetry. I would also prefer to see all the words written or none. Feel better, and happy almost birthday too!🙁😀

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This is beautiful, Davy. the journey well said. your voice sounds good, too! and i am more than delighted to see you try new things! 🙂 yay!

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