Going Batty in Thame

Poetic Beats

Welcome to this weeks edition of Poetic Beats, with Howard Bond and Davy D, recorded  on the 28th August 2017 on Red Kite Radio.

To finish the August theme of Summer we had a different look at the game of Cricket. How would the bats, hanging in the belfry at St.Mary’s Church, Thame, view this peculiar of English sports?

I have added the text version of the poem after the recording, as I know some of you may have been experiencing difficulties listening due to variations with browsers.

To hear the recording, please press the arrow on the left of the sound bar below.

Enjoy and thoughts are always welcome.


Going Batty in Thame

The bats in St Mary’s belfry were feeling rather perturbed,
Across the graves in Church Meadows, a sight had left them disturbed.
Twenty-Two men in Persil white suits were preparing to go into battle,
As crowds of people, armed with cream teas, engaged in Thame tittle -tattle.

Some of the men had very short legs, others were standing in slips,
One in particular, crouched on the green, pads coming up to his hips.
Two older gents covered in sweaters, sported numerous hats,
Every so often a finger was raised, as bowlers screamed at them “howzat.”

In the glaring heat of a Chiltern sun they slogged and bounced and beamed.
Some men went in, some men came out, others lazed in their dreams.
One all-rounder turned into a duck, doing it all for nought.
He only swung his bat the once and walked off face all fraught.

After six hours slog, with a break for their tea, the fight it ended drawn.
And over drinks in Jimmy Figg’s snug, stories were shared into dawn,
Of sixes and fours, leg byes and wides, bowling some maidens over.
Cricket can seem the strangest of sports, enough to leave bats hungover.

© Davy D 2017


Sadly couldn’t hear that. Sigh sighs

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This was my first time listening and I very much enjoyed hearing the poem with explanations of a sport an American like myself very much needed to get all the poetic imagery. Also, it was great fun to hear the narrator speak. He sounded a bit like Paul MCCartney did when I’d listen to Beatle interviews on the radio in the 1960’s and had teen age visions of the Fab Four. Thanks for sharing the audio! Loved it!! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

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    LOL I thought he sounded like Ringo.

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    Thank you Lesley and I appreciate you taking time out to listen. Cricket can seem strange to a lot of people. I like Robin William’s description, Baseball on Valium. I will pass your compliments over to Howard, the narrator. He presents a 60’s show so will love the comparison to the Beatles.

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      Yes, tell Howard he sounds like a cross between Paul and George. Ringo’s voice is deeper. I’ve seen both Paul and Ringo perform in concert but living in Miami they played their recorded interviews non stop in 1964. My friends and I all practiced their Liverpool accent. We could recognize each of their voices distinctly. When they came to the US in the mid 60’s I was a young teen of 14 and my parents would not allow me to go to their concerts. Sadly John and George passed away so I never got to see them perform in person. But Paul did several concerts and Ringo did too with a group of amazing musicians. My youngest son, who is now 28 and works in the film industry- he just got into the director’s guild- actually learned to play guitar as a teen watching videos of the Beatles. He must have watched the roof top scenes from the film “Let it Be”a dozen or more times so he could play lead guitar just like George Harrison for Get Back. I thought that was pretty cool.

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      I will pass that on Lesley, although Howard is from Manchester and being told he sounds like someone from Liverpool may break his heart (there is a fierce rivalry between people from Manchester and Liverpool). I think the reference to the Beatles may soften the blow 🙂 🙂 🙂 He may jump into his Yellow Submarine.

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      Haha. Loved Yellow Submarine – the song, the movie, and When I heard Ringo sing in it person a few years back. Don’t tell him Liverpool then. Besides, to us Americans everybody from England either sounds like The Beatles or Prince Charles. There’s nothing in between. I’be got a better ear than most because I watch a lot of BBC America. Lol at least I can tell the difference between an Australian accent and a British one. Most people from England when they do an American accent they either make us sound Southern or from The Bronx. And those are both extreme accents. So just say he sounded like The Beatles. Which he did. It was really cute.

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      I will pass that on Lesley. I am seeing him later today as we are recording another Poetic Beats. Does that mean I sound like Prince Charles? (I’m the one reading the poetry.) 🙂


I can picture this – great imagery and the audio compliments the piece well. Love it!

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Something new and fun to discover on your blog, Davy!

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Great again, Dave (or is it Prince Charles? – must be your ears). Adding the text version is useful to read along and adds another dimension to the reading and the explanations. Making cricket sound interesting is no mean feat. Really enjoyed this poem.

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