A Fear of Flying

A Fear of Flying


this kite does look a bit creepy, a bit like clowns. Clowns scare the bejeezus out of me.:)

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A Classic Mr D enigmatic twist, always delights both imagination & intellect.

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Did that happen to you? I’m feeling the young boy’s terror and feeling sad for him. But I suspect he got through it all. Nice, Davy–painting pictures with words.

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Omg. I love this. It’s so so creative. Suspense filled.

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Your predatory clown, Davy, has all the elements of a gripping story. I just wonder what Erica Jong would make of it.

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    I had forgotten about that book Roland. I hope she doesn’t sue me for copyright. I think this clown haunts the dark corridors of my mind. I’ve just checked. Her book was call Fear of Flying. Off the hook I hope.

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Once again Davy you have taken a simple action and used your mastery of word crafting to give us something special.

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Oh, a little eeriness today, Davy. I would run from that kite too as it seems a bit creepy. Relating to clowns, there are good clowns and bad clowns. You know what I mean?!

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Reblogged this on Jerry Brotherton and commented:
Davy is a master at word crafting. Check out his blog for more of his work. Don’t forget to give a listen to Poetic Beats while you’re there. https://davydblog.com

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Excellent, Davy. This brought back memories of my boys running with their kites. And, they, too, ran for their lives, trying to get their kites higher and higher. 🙂

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Wonderful haiku!
Brings back good memories of my kid-kite-flying days!
Carolyn 🙂

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ooooops. the little boy is afraid of kites??? or afraid because of the print on the kite?
intriguing, Davy! 🙂

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Spooky and yet intriguing. Although I have the same question as Rosie.

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I love the humour of this one. I can imagine the scene 🙂

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Great post and photo! You do seem to have a talent, My Friend for hitting a nerve with us! Funny how I had the exact same thought as Fiona. Did you have bad experiences with kites? LOL! Like when you hold them for Dad and then they come crashing down on you?

I’m not sure I really want to know all of my inner fears and anxieties? You keep making me look into the dark!

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    The truth is Charles, I loved flying kites, but they did seem to have a Stephen King quality about them. When I lived in London there was a festival involving Chinese fighting kites. The kites had razors on the tail and the aim was to battle another kite and cut it from its string. Maybe that was sitting in my psyche. P.S. The dark is a wonderful place, it’s where they keep the best poetry 🙂

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      Kites are fun to fly! Razors?? Indian fighting kites have an abrasive powder on the first 50 feet or so to cut the other guy’s string!

      You keep telling me the dark is my friend but sometimes the poetry I bring back is dark too? But you are right, I love to write in the backside of the night and in the dark. And, I am a “little” less reluctant now? Ha! Thanks so much for that and all your support, My Friend!!!

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      A pleasure Charles 🙂

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