So deep. So evocatively descriptive! A vivid scene painted in the mind as one reads. Short and succinct.

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WOw Davy, another great story!!

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I may be completely off-message, but I am reading your potent senryu, Davy, as referring to the horrors arising from the aftermath of the numerous joyful events and situations in recent times which have been shattered by the acts of fanatics seeking to impress their own twisted agenda on an unguarded public. You could, of course, be making a much more personal reference.

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    I think your thoughts could apply in this situation Roland. It is about not knowing what hides behind the masks people wear and the dark secrets some people carry with them. Thanks for taking time to add your thoughts.

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Oh, eerie and unnerving. well done, Davy.

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It gave me chills Davy…

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Quite perfect after spending days in the dark without power during hurricane Irma….. spooky, terrifying, and yet, somehow makes me want to read an Agatha Christie novel. I liked this very much!!! Thanks for sharing. And BTW, It is SO good to have power again!!!

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    Good to hear that Lesley and that you are okay. Have been watching the news reports in the UK and we are so lucky that we don’t experience such extremes in weather. Hope things get back to normal for you soon.

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Love this! It is intriguing, ominous, mysterious! Leaves us wanting more! Makes us think of someone or something in our lives!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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Detective D, I wanna know more! 😀

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Ah, what laughter can hide.. I do feel hopeful about this though. Despite the shadows of one’s past, one can still laugh. Reminds me of Bukowksi’s quote, “We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.” Well penned, D. 🙂

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Loved this but now you have to do a prequel and a sequel – to be fair to us! LOL! Wow, I am so glad to be home! The gypsy life of traveling is more romantic than restful, in my opinion!

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