Poetic Motivations:61

Poetic Motivations-61


Perceptive quote, Davy. John Clare, etc., would have agreed.

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Oh, yeah. I so identify–feeling like that often these days 🙂 It can be a blessed thing.

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This is special Davy, I’m struck that it can be a wonderful thing yet somewhat perilous depending how close to the edge you have to get in order to howl so……….Thank you, I will enjoy this all day.

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I love this!
(But I am pretty sure I ain’t howling diamonds and pearls. I’m sure there is another word for it… lol.)

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Great quote!
Ah…but is anyone listening to the howls?!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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Great quote! I also hope your foot feels better soon Davy!Pain & madness can make for creative masterpieces.

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