Class War

Class War


I remember seeing teachers tuck pencils behind their ears! It was part of the teacher decorum–great poem and imagery, Davy. Do they even still do that?

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Probably not Laura, I’m reminded of Mr X’s coffee breath and Geordie voice saying ‘wrong again Smith’ Ba*std ! Lovely play on words Davy made my mind spark from classroom – politics – left wing – reds under beds – back to red pens. Great stuff !

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Neat pun, Davy, stirring up many memories. Handy to get at and neatly poised to administer red crosses!

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A memory jogger, for sure. Good one Davy.

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Very clever. This teacher gives you an A. However, I never put a pencil or pen behind my ear… LOL

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This is a cute one, Davy… Thank you for the smile and chuckle. 🙂

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HA! Clever and cute, Davy!!! 🙂
“weapon of math’s destruction” made me snort-laugh! 😀
Math was the only subject I struggled with and the Math teachers always had red pencils and I saw lots of red marks and they were not 🙂 ‘s or ❤ ! 😛
Math might have been my destruction had I not had kind and merciful Math teachers! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

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My wife said I can no longer read your post late at night. She is tired of me running into the bedroom and waking her to tell her, “Guess what hilarious post Davy had this time?”

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