Dreams as the antidote to writer’s block. Beautifully expressed, Davy.

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This is wonderful, Davy! My muse plants seeds whenever, mostly non-stop. I think I’m going mad at times. But then, sanity is overrated. 🙂 Having a muse is a beautiful thing.

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my younger son enlightened me. he said I dont dream because I don’t sleep long enough at a stretch to get to a dream state. I am still mulling this over. beautiful thought inspiring words Davy.

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Interesting point, is the perceived gender of one’s muse universally female in the classic form (Greek/Roman) or is there a male form ?

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Beautiful words & image to go with. I love this Davy! Very clever & true.

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Daydreams or night dreams – may the good ones come true.

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I love this! You have a beautiful way with words that gets right to the point, yet is still lyrically perfect.
“To sleep, perchance to dream.” (Hamlet)
I find that I often awaken abounding with ideas from an inspirational dream and have to jot down those thoughts before they disappear like my slumber.

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    Thank you Lesley, I appreciate your kind words and thoughts. I have now got a notebook and pen next to the bed for such occasions. Though, since I have started doing this, the dreams have dried up a little. Funny thing the brain 🙂

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Maybe for now, but the notebook will be there for you when you have the next vivid dream. I actually keep my phone near by and can type in some thoughts on that after a dream that is inspiring. Keep dreaming and keep writing!

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