Well, that sure bites with a truthful edge . You nailed it!

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Nailed it Davy! Politics, the same in every country β€œ sigh”

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Lovely pun. . . . and all serving themselves rather than their constituents!!! . . . I grant there may be a few (one or two) exceptions.

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    You are right Roland, there are one or two decent ones. I think it is the culture and system that attracts a certain type to the position. Much preferred the days when politicians were great orators and not working from scripts prepared by image consultants.

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This is very good. You said it , buddy. Bravo.

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So very true and clever, Davy!

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Wow, you captured the dynamics….if only “they” understood what we know to be true. πŸ™‚

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    Thanks Gwen. In the UK I don’t actually think they care. There is little between the political parties and all are focused on a capitalist ideal. It is all about profit. We have a female version of Trump in power.


Sadly, you are right on, Davy. Your “Poli-Tricks” captures what is going on today.
Have they forgotten who they are supposed to be SERVING, and why?! 😦
Thanks for sharing your wisdom and making us think and feel.
Also, great photo you took and shared!
Carolyn πŸ™‚

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Ha! So true! Did you get a read out on a politicians blood work?

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Thank you Sir for promoting this post. It is much appreciated.


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