Some Mornings

Some Mornings


Yes, that is our world now, Davy. You’ve encompassed it in your most satisfying haiku. I’ve tried the same response myself – and enjoyed doing it.

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Love your new haiku
What you said is just so true
Your words make me laugh

(I love this story and your haiku, Davy! I’d love to have seen that man’s expression! :-D)

HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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Lovely stuff Davy, though a bit sad, these calls are often the highlight of my day. My personal best was to inform a solar panel salesman, when asked to describe my property
that it is a “small castle surrounded by an enchanted forest that is forever dark” to give him credit he never paused “so would you say solar panels would be of use Mr Smith”
“alas no” said I “unless you can find a white crow carrying a gold ring to lift the curse”
I’m not sure to this day who was taking the mick out of who !

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    Nigel, I knew when I posted this it would raise a gem from either yourself or Roland. This has had me and Mrs D laughing most of the day. Now I am at home more during the day these calls seem to have stopped. The last one was from an accident claims company who rang and I asked if it was about the damage to the car when I ram raided the local jewellers. He asked me if I was taking the proverbial. I said I will leave that one with you sir and he slammed the phone down. Some people have no sense of humour these days.

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ME: WOAH-face! Then burst into laughters.

Epic man! and that haiku right there!

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Wonderful, I felt some many positive vibes as I read. Great energy ! Golden optimism in the silence ! Silence is beautiful!

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oh my gosh, this made me laugh.
Maybe I will try that…screaming “Morning World” hahaha love it.
love the haiku, too!

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I love this, Davy! And the haiku is excellent.

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Love that “Morning World!” haha. And oh, I can’t imagine the look on that poor guy’s face. πŸ˜€

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So true Davy.. so true..😊

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Very nice one, Davy! Loved how you shafted your caller! What a great response! Silence can be funny too?

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Thank you, once again Sir. Have a good day.


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