Marriage Guidance

Marriage Guidance


There is a depth of meaning in this, Davy, coupled with tension and ambiguity, which merit my giving this little gem of a poem more time and consideration. Even your title adds a whole new layer of meaning.

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This is wonderful, Davy. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it, but whatever happened, something as simple as making her a cup of coffee must have meant a lot. This is excellent marriage counseling. Such simple, thoughtful gestures keep love alive. And you didn’t even have to slay any dragons. πŸ™‚

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Oh! my! Breath taking verse. I am going to read this many times over and enjoy it’s essence.

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Wise words indeed, though I ensure it’s decaff and add a horse tranquilliser .
“Sleep well my Sweet”,
Great fun with a layer of seriousness, though I’m struggling to get past the image of a guy in full armour, clanking up to the Mrs and presenting a cup of coffee to appease, as if returning from a quest with the holy grail . ( perhaps an appropriate analogy at times ?)
Brilliant piece Davy ! Can be pondered or punned and that’s special.
Thank you.

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    Thank you Nigel, your responses are one of the highlights of my day and I now have the same Monty Python type image embedded in my head. I must know work out where I am going to park this great big horse.


one of the loveliest things in life is to have someone make coffee for them. and if that someone looks at my reaction to know if I may need more milk is so touching I fall in love all over again. you write about the simple things that bring so much joy. its not in making the perfect cup but in trying to make me happy.

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Marriage… a word which have so many colours ,flavours and so many different aspects. I have written a about its spicy flavour
Read it whenever you get a time.
And the journey continues…

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Sometimes vulnerability prompts a suit of armour, but a kind gesture can remove its need. Coffee is a wonderful place to start. Insightful writing, Davy.

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There is so much and so many goin on in this poem but i’d go for the simplest one.
Having to wake up with someone preparing you a coffee is close to perfection..

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Coffee is always a good topic for conversation, whether we chat while enjoying it or chat about its benefits. Marriage is a lot like coffee, it is either to our liking or it’s not. I like your thought-provoking post, Davy.

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Brave smart man! It never hurts to be armored-up! πŸ˜›

When a Mr. knows what a Mrs. likes and is willing to offer it unasked, and with love, the Mrs. will remember that. πŸ™‚ (And, Ha!, most Misters need to rack up some “points” with their Missuses! πŸ˜€ )

Seriously, it is the small loving kind gestures we all long for, need and appreciate. πŸ™‚
HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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I love how you climb into your suit of armour, “to save the day,” then proceed to make coffee. Obviously you do know a thing or two about amour! A fun poem to read.

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Thank you for the link up. It is most appreciated. Enjoy your day.


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