Happy Halloween



Happy Halloween, Davy. I tried my had for the first time at horror. I wrote a short story on Halloween. I’d love to know what you think of it.

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Ooooo I like this layered this.

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This particular trudging corpse, who doesn’t like being stared at, nevertheless enjoys your seasonal wit. Thank you, Davy.

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Evokes such fun! Tonight I will be a hippie protester (bell bottoms, fringe vest and peace sign) as I take my grandchildren trick or treating. They will be Wonder Woman and Lego Batman. Lol. Boo….

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Very clever, Davy. As much as I’m not a Halloween fan, I enjoy seeing the little ghosts and goblins, as well as superheroes and princesses. Their laughter sparks my own. Happy Halloween!

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My only sense of Halloween today! My youngster has almost outgrown the holiday. Also, it’s a new town, new school for him. And it’s the first year we didn’t decorate. We had hoped to pass out candy, though, but we didn’t even get any trick-or-treaters! I think we’re surrounded by mostly college students, lol. It’s OK. Our spirits (ha, ha) are good. Wonderful images in your poem, Davy, that evoke that special ambiance of Halloween.

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    Thank you Laura and I am sure next year will be different once you become more settled. Halloween is becoming a big event over here in the UK. It costs us a fortune in sweets now lol πŸ™‚

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      Yes, I think next year will be better. I enjoyed experiencing Halloween through your poem, though. When my son and I walked to the store to get some candy, we didn’t even see any kids. I do love our apartment, however, and there are some families in the complex. But it’s mostly a neighborhood with a lot of students. And I don’t have any idea why I’m rattling on about thisβ€” fatigue, I think.

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      Or Halloween withdrawal symptoms Laura πŸ™‚

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Perfect Halloween reflection, Davy.

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OOH! I love this haiku and photo, Davy!
I just blogged about my Halloween day and night! πŸ™‚
Your reference to “walking dead” has two meanings in my mind. The sad meaning is the many alive people are not really living (for different reasons) and seem to be plodding through life “dead” and missing out on so much that is beautiful. 😦
HUGS!!! and hope you had a Happy Halloween! πŸ™‚

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