So many thoughts Davy from childhood ‘stick & stones’ onward. It is a fact that words can be sharper than any blade and emotional wounds are deeper, take longer to heal and invariably leave scars.

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Very good Davy D. Yes, a tongue can cut as deep as any razor and the wounds might never properly heal. Likewise, a tongue can be the softest balm and help healing better than any medicine.

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Powerfully captured, the dynamic and the possibility. Thank you, Davy.

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Powerful words, Davy, full of angst, bitterness and aching hurt. One of your very best.

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Ooooohhhhhh, this one slices right to the gut! Jabs to the core of an emotional response we all have either felt, or dished out. Well done! You really have a knack for precisely getting to the point. Rather like a staccato note in poetic form! Bravo!

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Oh, so true! This touches me deeply, Davy. Your haiku and artwork are powerful and important!
Wounding words DO hurt us and often those who speak them don’t know when or how to stop. 😦
What is that old saying…”People won’t always remember what we say, but they WILL remember how we made them FEEL.”
Even tho’ it’s very difficult, I try to practice forgiveness because I’ve found forgiveness is more for the forgive-er than it is for the forgive-ee.
HUGS!!! 🙂

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wooooooah. a power punch this is!

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Powerful verse, Davy. And to join in the comment by doesitevenmatter3 –
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”-Maya Angelou

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Wow, yes so true! Powerful words and image.

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This was such a meaningful piece on several fronts (always overpacking in 3 lines! ha!). Forgiveness is hard and emotional but doesn’t always bring “forgetting”? Sad, how often it is the ones who profess they love us who can cut us the deepest with only their words!
And worse than that – not even know it? Great photo!

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Words are vicious and long lasting!

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