If only…. Hatred might just have to walk out the door… and perhaps learn how to smile as he exists.

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Just imagine that
To accommodate hatred
Hell needs to exist.

A teasing concept to mull over. Thanks for your boundless imaginative work, Davy.

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Such a beautiful haiku, Davy. Perhaps we can cultivate more love and less hate within ourselves so that hate becomes a foreign emotion, as it should be. I don’t think of myself as hating, but I catch myself getting worked up when I perceive others as being rude. Maybe they’re just in a hurry. Maybe I don’t have to feel love, but I can recognize and refrain from feelings that move toward hate. Someone drove too close to my bumper today, then sped past. I was going the speed limit. It’s when I’m driving that I curse the most. πŸ™‚

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    It’s true Laura, we never know what is going on in another’s world. Maybe, as you say, if we learned to become a bit more tolerant then maybe we can reduce the hate. Thank you for your excellent comment and take it easy behind the wheel πŸ™‚

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      I’m a nervous driverβ€”too many decisions to make at once. But on to more pleasant topics, I’ve wanted to use Lennon’s “Imagine” song as an earworm but have had trouble finding a good recording with video. I should just use the original soundtrack without any visual. Your haiku reminds me of the song. And I promise to take it easy behind the wheel. πŸ™‚

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      I must admit Laura, this song was singing in my ear whilst I was putting this poem together. I also found out earlier this week that Lennon was a great fan of Edgar Allan Poe and it was Poe’s writing that provided the inspiration for the Beatle’s song, I am the Walrus.

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It would die of starvation, crumble to dust and be scattered by the winds which would gently carry good over the earth………..I think !
This afternoon my friend Jim Beam and myself shall ponder on this some more. Thank you Davy

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Beautiful Haiku Davy D, it just makes me feel soothed to imagine this.
I guess we all have the power to accept love or hate.
Hate is such a vile and destructive feeling that it needs to be stamped out. I can see one of those games coming up, Love is the Hero etc…
/ Miriam

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Oh, my goodness…beautiful, Davy, truly!

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Important, timely question (haiku), Davy!

As much as I hate hatred and wish it didn’t exist, I guess we have to experience it to truly and effectively love and appreciate love. ❀ And there are some horrid, unfair things in life that deserve our indignation. Hmm…now you got me thinking. πŸ™‚

It is the love in our hearts and our words/actions that will keep hatred at bay. And maybe even turn a hateful heart into a loving one. We must keep loving!

HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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This is such an imaginative post! I love it. Not sure, but I think there would be World Peace without hatred? Hmmm, interesting question. Maybe in Love’s shadow in a suspended state for the time when someone discovers what hides in the shadow. Would this be like the Garden of Eden??

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Interesting poem, Davy. You know hatred is such a strong feeling and a strong word. I feel those that hate must also hate themselves. So, without the feeling of hatred, do we know the feeling of love and vice versa?

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    A good point Eugenia, and makes you think that without hatred how can we experience love. It made me think of does everything have to have an opposite and is this just a human manufactured concept? Is hatred just the point when love fails to match the perceptions we place on things.


If the world was less judgmental, hate wouldn’t survive.

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