The Swimmer

The Swimmer

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he cuts the water with imperfect form.

not text book, arms overreach on entry.

without fin or scale he seems

designed to live in water, kick





coming up for air every sixth stroke,

chlorinated water hardly moving.

around the pool, his feat ignored;

the crowd preferring to immerse

themselves in Kardashian dreams.


maybe one day he will grow wings and

fly, then they will sit up and take notice.


Β© Davy D 2017


Oh, this is wonderful! But I confess I wish I knew the whole story behind it. But mysteries are fun, indeed. I’ll wait for others to comment, though, because that helps me piece it all together.

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Love this Davy, from a beautiful description of a born athlete, which hints at an immense natural talent, in a sonnet style flip we’re suddenly hit with an ‘in your face’ social commentary denouement which results in a compelling twisting poem.
I like the comparison of a natural genuine talent with the faux manufactured and illusionary talent of ‘out of touch with reality ‘ TV.

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    Nigel, you expressed what I was thinking, but I couldn’t string the words together.

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      and yet your words inspired me Laura, the fact that you were moved enough to comment speaks volumes and that is what is inspiring to me . Even the simplest of words when from the heart possess great power and worth.

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    Cheers Nigel. I am pleased you picked up on the complexities of the piece. Mrs D had taken me for a health spa day as a treat for our Wedding Anniversary and I was watching this guy swimming in the pool (not in the Kevin Spacey sense) and the way he was swimming was hypnotic. It made me think how wonderful it was how humans have adapted to water. It seems I was the only one in awe as everyone else around the pool was attached to their mobile phone.

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To watch a good swimmer swim is mesmerizing to me. And you’ve described this experience perfectly, Davy! Excellent poem and photo pairing! πŸ™‚
People today can be so focused on such unimportant stuff that they miss the important stuff.
I hope they notice before he sprouts the wings.
I think one who flies through water is very impressive and inspiring!
HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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Superbly written, Davy. Interested to know the whole story. It seems natural talent sometimes goes unrecognized.

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Thank you for the share. Have a good day.


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