Poetic Motivations:69

Poetic Motivations-69


Bit of poetic entanglement on a Monday morn Davy, the lines in my latest piece
‘and butterfly demands
bid me open my hands
to see if I was the one’
are referring to an earlier poem and mirror the wonderful words you’ve shared today.
Thank you Davy.

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So true!
But, I like reading hands. I think hands tell stories…of hard work, gentle loving touches, helping actions, etc. To me, the older the hands the more beautiful they are!
HUGS and a Happy New Week, Davy! 🙂

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Evocative picture Davy, the poem by Holly Schindler makes me wonder how many reads the poetry in other people’s hands. Many suggest they can read your future in your palm…….hmm..
However, hands as a whole can tell a story. Fascinating story at that.
Now, I would love your take on this.

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    Thank you Miriam for your insightful comments. I liked this comment as I think it represents the life of most artists. They experience life through their hands and spend a lifetime in their work. Yet, in most cases only a few will get read, or heard, or seen. In their writing, poetry, art, or music there is a life behind it and the hand is one of the parts that experiences the biggest part of that life.

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… and the wrinkles tell it all! Thanks for posting this insightful quotation, Davy.

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”-Maya Angelou

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Such a great post! I will have to see what my hands have to say. So if my hands are a book of poetry then my face must be a library?? LOL! Great Share!

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Ok, I’ll take the right to silence as long as I can maintain it. Who’s kidding who? Ha!

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Just as our eyes are the windows of the soul, the hands are what reach out and grab it.

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The lines running through the palms have their own charisma ……..
There are 2 kinds:
1. it says a lot about a person
2. It is not defining but it is I who dictates it

Good 2 be in the second slot

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