Poetic Beats

Welcome to this week’s Poetic Beats with Howard Bond and Davy D recorded on the 20th of November 2017 on Red Kite Radio.

In this weeks show we look at Davy D’s poem, Laundering, and consider the similarities between ironing and writing poetry. There is also some delving into the criminal world, which provides the title for the poem.

If you are having difficulty accessing the recording, a text version of the poem is provided after the sound bar.

To hear this week’s episode please press the arrow to the left of the sound bar below.



Subtle shifting from the laundry basket

interrupts the flow. Soon, steam eats crease

leaving behind perfect fabric. Cotton

has the same soft touch as paper, movements

between iron and pen geometric

and mirrored. Despite the complexity

ironing and poetry move in a

similar vein of line and precision.

Both processes designed to bring pleasure

to those willing to dabble in Dark Art.


© Davy D 2017



Fascinating analogy Davy, I picked up on the point that nothing is truly original, so true, everything evolves , changes and is organic. There is a French philosopher famous for this concept, must try find him.
Another Friday treat, cheers Davy !

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There is certainly a ‘complexity’ in both ironing and poetry. I sense the ‘irony’ in your verse is quite deliberate and points to several levels of understanding on which I shall continue to ‘deliberate’. Clever.

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Interesting and I like your analogy, Davy. This poem requires some extra thinking. 🙂

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Creative poem and interesting analogy, Davy!
(Do you make a great bed, too?!)
Your poems always present two meanings in my mind! I like that! Give me much to ponder.
I enjoy Louisa May Alcott!
I wash on Saturday. Yikes! 😀
Keep laundering and keep writing, Davy!
Ooh…looking forward to next week’s Poetic Beat!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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Thanks for sharing Davy. This poem was so much fun with its play on words & meanings. Loved it!

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