Poetic Motivations:71

Poetic Motivations-71


Well… Each to his/her own. There is a time for everything under the sun. A revealing quotation, Davy. Not one I’ve come across before. Thanks for this forthright thought for the day /week.

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Also because, I always wanted to play tennis with the net down! Lol!!

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I like the no rules or let’s make our own. a very energising thought to start the week Mr D

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    Thank you Gina. I am all for no rules poetry but sometimes the rules are fun to play with 🙂

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      that’s the interesting thing about poetry, there are forms yet such freedom in creating a poem from different perspectives and experiences. I rather look at is as forms rather than rules, maybe just the word “rule” creates a wall of defence. Always look forward to your fun with form and words Davy, you create some lovely magic with your poetry.

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      Thank you for your kind words Gina, they are much appreciated. I think the fun with writing is playing and experimenting. With poetry sometimes the rules can push you a little more and can get more out of what you are writing.

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Hmm,,,as Roland says, each to their own. As to tennis and badminton
it can be as much fun playing it with a washline as marker, stretched between trees. Now, poetry; I will head over and read some Robert Frost again.
……who feels one mustn’t take oneself too seriously 🦋

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    Very true Miriam. My nan used to go crackers when we used the washing line for various sports, especially when the washing was still on there 🙂 You have reminded me to revisit some of Frost’s poetry again.

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I think if Frost had lived later he would he would’ve been exposed to a larger, more significant body of modernist poetry instead of one that was still somewhat a brash upstart in certain halls of academia.
Strict form, for me, teeters on the edge of ‘puzzle poetry’ though for others it’s restrictions are welcome. A brilliant traditional form poem can grab my heart & mind no differently than free form, I guess I’m saying both are just different processes to achieve the one result.
It’s just how you rock !

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    Some good points Nigel and both can provide pleasures and challenges. I also think it can be dependent on mood. Some days I like the challenge of puzzle poetry, others it needs to hit me as I read it. It has got me thinking Frost V Bukowski in a verse off. Now that would be interesting.

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      You know I was just thinking similar Davy. I seem to recall you enjoy Bukowski very much. I’ve always struggled, but on Roland’s suggestion I re-visited his work, and I’m getting much more out of it. So when I read No 71, I thought it’s often that strict form is more accessible to the reader than free. The same advantage of direction and restriction forcing the poem to birth, like a literary epidural, has also the same effect on the reader, it opens those doors in their minds more efficiently, hence it’s popularity amongst the general public. You need only glance through the ‘Nation’s favourite ‘ series.

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      More excellent thoughts Nigel. I find with Poetic Beats (due to the copyright issues) that I am spending more time reading poetry from a time when structure and form was the norm. Having to get into the poems to analyse and understand is a very rewarding process. I think it is the rebel in Bukowski that attracts me over form. This would make for an excellent post and discussion in the New Year. Thank you for generating the thoughts.

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Way to start the week, D! Happy to read another poetic motivation from you. 😀

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Great quote and photo, Davy!
I’ve always enjoyed Mr. Frost. I can often relate to his words.
I always remember his quote: “I’m not confused. I’m just well mixed.” 😀
Poetry with no rules is fun…but poetry with rules is challenging and fun, too!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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I say to each their own. I look for creativity and the thought process that went into the poem, rather than form.

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