Poetic Motivations:72

Poetic Motivations_72


How true at times Davy, though Ms Kiser should’ve perhaps used the ‘full stop’ rather than a comma to illustrate her point.

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LOL, maybe, but I’d add a few more topics such as love, beauty, hope, life – well, I guess about everything. Have a wonderful day, Davy.

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Death is indeed a great poetic inspiration …death in its many aspects not only physical death….that’s why they say never break a poet’s heart, you will be in his or her next poem…that is death of love..


Talking of death – you don’t think Carolyn’s ‘commas’ was a typo for ‘comas’ do you?!

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So true!
Poets are wordsmiths…and often write about subjects that are the deep-emotion subjects. 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

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and those commas reveal the emotion 🙂 .. well said

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Rather thought-provoking, IMHO. I like to think of poetry as a reflection of love, peace, life, sharing, giving and other pleasantries in life. The use of commas can bring on a completely different meaning.

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So true but so funny too! Seems we have a little bit of attention deficit disorder – from the marco issues of the universe to micro issues – comas! Ha! Are you attracted to shiny things too! LOL!

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