Brilliant Davy, it never leaves you does it ! I sometimes think did I really sit in a wardrobe telling my teenage secrets to a sexually frustrated Irishman !! I still think 10 hail Marys n 3 Our Fathers was a bit steep for throwing a penny in the font ‘for luck’, apparently little pagan B’s***ds like me are damned for eternity.

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    Nigel thank you and I nearly choked laughing. Your terminology puts it into perspective. But fear not, I will be in the seat next to you according to my old Parish Priest. Makes for great poetry though.

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      Father Flavin ha ! he came round to save the Smith family, only once ! I remember it because I was reading a book on the Pendle Witches at the time. The only non-Irish priest I ever met was 6ft, blonde with piercing blue eyes, Father Schultz was from the former Reich, sorry I mean Holland, he only stayed a month presumably on his way to Argentina !

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      Sounds like you have the making of a good book there Nigel, or at least one of your poems.

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Oh ! my ! Leaves so much to the imagination.

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Thankfully, not something I have personal experience of, but there’s no doubt you make a powerful comment, with Davy’s trademark and so effective match between words and image.

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oh wow. you can write about anything and everything, Davy! I wonder. what’s the sin?

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You’ve captured the moment, the experience very effectively, Davy, as only a poet could. Excellent.

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Davy D, you have chosen such a perfect image for your words.
I have never sat in this much famed box and can’t understand it.
However, the sin and hellfire exists in many other religions so there were always chances to frighten poor kids. 😇 .

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Ha! love this, Davy! My mind is racing in a few directions!
Now I’d to see like the priest’s list of “Good Sins”. 😀
The only confessional I’ve ever sat in was a beautiful wooden confessional from Italy. I saw it in an antique store in California. I wanted to buy it and make it into a phone booth, but it was very expensive! Ha. 😀
Oh, beautiful photo, Davy!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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Oh, those dreaded pauses. It does shames me when I hear a deep sigh too. Not that I’ve made a very heinous crime. 😇 .

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Brilliant, Davy. You have sitting on the edges of our seats with this one. Outstanding piece.

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It’s a foreign concept to me! I guess it’s a good thing if you “almost” made heaven??? A second chance?

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Heh! As clergy I especially appreciate this one. 🙂

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