Christmas Panto

Christmas Panto 2017 (1)


Linking school nativity and panto is so apt, Davy. Not sacrilegious, merely, as you put it, off – script. Thanks for bringing it all back to a veteran.

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Awww love those non scripted moments in life.
Last night we were walking our neighbourhood late, looking at the lights, and just down the street a couple of little voices called out to us…two little boys visiting their grandmother, one of them (only 2) was riding one of the reindeer in her front yard Christmas display. Absolutely the cutest thing we had seen in a while. He was being so careful, it was adorable. He just wanted to share his joy with us.

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And the parents waving back! 😀

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Lovely picture and reminder of the fun watching nativity production in school. Even Mary and Joseph lit up and gave a small wave when their family was spotted. Sort of discreetly. Us parents were no better.

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I just remember Kevin Baxter trying to wheel a pram into class, while his mum was chatting, which contained his infant brother and excitedly announcing “Eh Miss ! we can av ar Kid f’er babbi Jeezus, but wi ‘art no swaddling”
Christmas, my fave of all the hijacked pagan festivals !
Great fun Davy, thank you.

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You’ve captured the sweetness and the delight of these productions within a perfect Haiku, and gifted all of us with memories. Thank you. 🙂

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Ha! I love this, Davy! 😀 You’ve brought us precious fun memories of the living nativity scenes we’ve seen! 🙂 (Now I am thinking of one where the baby Jesus kept trying to climb out of the manger. They got a younger baby Jesus the next year. 🙂 )

I imagine Mary was a friendly sort! I would have waved back! 🙂

HUGS!!! 🙂
PS…I’ve lived most of my life off script! 😉 😀

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That is the best part about this annual recreations of what might have been 🙂

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Very cute. Off script adds variety to life.

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Haha, just precious! Thanks for a laugh.


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