Mind Games

Mind Games 2017


This is so good. Awesome. Going to read it again.

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Very shamanic Davy, native American peoples, If memory serves me well, see the red breast as the sun at dawn and the yellow beak it’s rays, maybe it didn’t concede but left after bringing ‘light’.
Intriguing piece, love it !

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Wow…..i.would have to keep.this…

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Well Davy, I wouldn’t give you much of a chance here. Just keep staring back. The Robin is just too beautiful to miss and he might be your day’s muse.

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You fight it very well, Davy. The robin conceding means you win of course!

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Fabulous!! It is perfect in all ways. Thank you for the humor and the inspiration. 🙂

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Oh, I love robins! They are so beautiful! Bird watching and bird staring-contests are good for the heart, mind, and soul, Davy! So I’m glad you participated! 😀 We learn so much from watching birds. I think that robin was saying “Write about me, Davy…and the poems will start flying right out of you again.”
And, hey…if not…Every good poet needs a break once in awhile. 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

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    Thank you Carolyn. We are blessed to have four of them resident in our garden. They are always around when I am pottering doing gardening jobs. I always want to photograph them but just end up watching them most of the time 🙂

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watching the smallest of creatures gives the biggest inspiration sometimes. who won the stare down or are you still at battle?

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An inspiring and intriguing piece, Davy. I find reading poetry written by others inspiring and stirs my creative senses. That is a beautiful robin.

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Davy, this makes me want to move my laptop so I can see out the window! On the other side of my computer screen lies the kitchen sink. And it provides zero inspiration. After confessing here once that I never get writer’s block, I ended up suffering from it. I’m working on a long poem and got stuck.

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