Poetic Goals For 2018

Goals for 2018


Wow! Such amazing goals!

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Oh , I love this. Just what I wanted to read and I wanted someone to write just this.

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Great poetic goals, Davy! I know you will accomplish all of them! I bet you even dream poetry! 😉 😀 And please keep sharing poetry! ‘Tis a joy to be inside your mind! 🙂
HUGS!!! and Happy New Year!!! 🙂

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    It is funny you should say that Carolyn. Recently I have been waking up and I have in my head a complete poem or a part of one. There are strange things afoot 🙂 Happy New Year to you and I look forward to reading more of your excellent work.

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I think that you should market a t shirt with your poetic mantra on Davy.

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Davy D, you got your goals down to a very focused and easy to remember plaque. Then again, I think it already was your main interest.
Looking forward to more of your wise and intricate words.

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I hope you end the year at 5 – 0. Thanks for the inspiration, Davy.

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2018 YEAR OF THE POET ! Love it Mr D.

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Your goals are our treasure. Thank you for the continued inspiration. 🙂

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Something we all can aspire towards.

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Wonderfully poetic goals…enjoy every single creative moment! 😀😀

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I resolve to enjoy each and every word.

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Wow, I love these goals, Davy. Simple and inspirational.

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If you forgive me, Mr. D, does this mean you will s**t poetry too?


I do believe we share the same goals.

Today I continue to poor over the beautiful and rich poem by John Ashbery “As One Put Drunk into the Packet Bowl” I am new to his writing, but knew that it challenged the reader. As with any good challenge, the reward goes to the reader who takes it on. After 5 reads, more layers and meaning are discovered. Highly recommended… his poetry commands that we stop and think and really engage to truly understand something that becomes very worthwhile understanding.

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    Ha ha Stephen, maybe I will have to check. Thank you for the heads up re John Ashbery, he is a poet I have not read so will take a look at his work. I do love poems that draw you back in and reveal more over time.


lovely goals and most of all achievable ones. I envy you Davy, as I am torn between the poet and writer in me, but am pleased too that I will get more inspirations from the mind of Davy D. I feel very blessed to know you and read you here on Word Press.

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    Thank you Gina and your kind words mean a lot to me. I think we have to get past the labels writer and poet as it can stunt the creativity. I enjoy writing both and I think it is more to do with the intention of the writer and the impact on the reader, than what labels we put on the words. It is an interesting conversation. Your writing never fails to move me or create a seed of inspiration. Whatever you call it, please keep doing it 🙂

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      i am humbled by your comment Davy, I don’t really take my writing seriously, it’s just an out pouring of all the things that are muddled up in my head and heart, but if it has in any small way inspired you I am beaming with joy! I do agree on not putting labels, as the freedom of style changes as the writer is moved by different situations and experiences. a change in life direction sometimes makes a poet or brings out the hidden writer. I enjoy the conversations you encourage on your posts. You welcome an open discussion that brings many interested people to the table.

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      Gina, I always think of the Japanese Haiku Master Basho who said the first thoughts are the purest. I agree with you. It doesn’t matter what we call it, it is the impact for the writer and reader that is more important. This is a conversation we may visit later in 2018. Your thoughts and comments have me thinking (which as Mrs. D says can be a dangerous situation).

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