New Year’s Revolution


Photo Credit:


is a perceptive soul

he brought me

a FIT-bit




perfectly (adverb alert)

in the bottom

of the sock drawer


© Davy D 2018


No doubt Santa thought he was hilarious Davy, in the olden days a fit-bit was a lady with certain attributes of special interest to teenage boys !

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A warming humorous post, Davy . . . best place for a revolutionary to keep such a gift.

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Loved the humor and the realism. It made me think of the gadgets and dreams I’ve stored in drawers or on shelves. Thank you for the smiles (and the links to adverbs and socks). 🙂

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Ahahaha! The perfect place for it to stay!

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All THE best things are “hidden” in the sock and underpants drawer. Right?! 😛

Great poem and photo pairing! Ha! 😀 I snort-laughed! That Santa is silly! And you are funny, Davy! 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

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I do love the way your mind works Davy!!!

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I got a chuckle out of this one, Davy. A little humor goes a long way. I love it.

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I like your sense of humour though I am sure Mrs D will find it soon enough. Santa had a tip off I am guessing.

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Mine has been resting soundly in the bottom draw since last Christmas. It hasn’t complained as yet 🙄🙃

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