Thursday Thoughts

Why I write Poetry

One of the best thing things for me about blogging is the interaction and conversation taking place around the poems and poetry. On Inside the Mind of Davy D the favourite posts are those going beyond the poetry and getting to know the poet, what makes them tick; their thoughts, their motivations, their dreams.


As a development for the blog in 2018 I am going to have a Thursday Thoughts feature which will hopefully allow us to delve deeper into poetry and beyond the poems themselves. This will include thoughts I have as I research and read for the various projects I am involved with and links to information which may be useful to anyone working with poetry.


It will also showcase some of the amazing poetry and talent I encounter on WordPress on a day to day basis. Thursday Thoughts will include links to blogs firing the muse, poems that have moved me to think deeper about the words I encounter and anything else planting a seed for poetry; a piece of music, art, book, photograph.


If anyone has any ideas or inspiration that may create some conversation as a Thursday Thought then please let me know. Together we can make 2018 a great year for poetry.



Davy, I love your idea of this Thursday discussion. I often wonder about other writers what is behind the poem or written work. I know for myself that each poem is born from observation, a feeling, an event or just pure seeking.

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What a wonderful idea, Davy! I’m excited about this! 🙂 I am always curious about what the poet was feeling, experiencing, etc., when they wrote a particular poem. I always have questions in my head for the poet! 🙂

Thursday Thoughts spot on!
Exciting to delve deeper
Poets and poems! 🙂

HUGS!!! 🙂

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I might have some thoughts, Mr. D…

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Davy, this is a terrific idea! As a keen reader of book I enjoy learning about the writer’s thought processes and inspiration. My son feels the same about the musicians and songs he listens to and many now write a bit about their creative thoughts; it was my son’s suggestion to include in my book of short stories a section ‘About the Stories’ where I write how I came up with the initial idea, if they’ve won competitions etc. Interestingly this section has now received acclaim on two reviews in Amazon. You’re onto a winner with your Thursday posts and I like how you’re going to link to other blogs as well.

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This is a great idea, Dave. Reflective posts are great for sharing, generating and developing ideas. Look forward to reading and participating in these. D.

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I really look forward to this Davy, I love the older well known poets but am also enjoying poets on instagram, some are really revolutionary, as well as spoken word poets and slam poetry, moving with the times but not forgetting history that developed our love for poetry.

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You are such a wonderful supporter to poets and their poetry .

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I love this idea, Davy. We can learn so much from each other.

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Sounds great Davy! It’s nice that you are always finding new ways to try and bring the poet community together, as most poets are quite introverted, such as myself. But it’s great to have a fun, involved “ring leader,” such as yourself rallying the troops! Best of luck with your new endeavor and I will try my best to pop in on Thursday’s to support the cause, or just have fun!

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