Same Old

Same Old 2018


This is good. Such strong visuals. You know how to paint a scene with words , Davy.

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The first line ‘got’ me Davy, I could spend an hour pondering this alone, the smell of cheap perfume is the same and speaks volumes. Great piece !

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    Thank you Nigel. I think these thoughts come about when this time of year my inbox is inundated with emails about goals and resolutions. You get to a point where you know it is a futile exercise and you deal with life as it comes at you.

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so many interpretations to just two stanzas Davy, you pen the most thought provoking words, my first impression was some sort of fairy creature come to visit, then maybe it could have been a heightened imagination just like I have. Whichever way I read it, it’s sending some powerful messages to the recesses of my mind.

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That first stanza applies to so much. Another excellent offering.

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Davy, let me first say how I love the poem and the way you presented it with this barren but beautiful tree.
The New Year certainly rode in like that all around the world.
Does it live up to its sparkling promises though…..or leave disappointment and maybe failure.

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    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts Miriam. The poem is more a parody of New Year’s resolutions and how it doesn’t take long before we get back into old patterns and habits. Very much like you said in the end of your comment.

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Wow, what a strong metaphor for this time of the year. The image and verse together leave me pondering. Well done, Davy.

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Vivid word pics of the New Year! Your words ignite the senses and emotions, too!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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Thought-provoking, Davy. I love the imagery and the little twist in the end.

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Love this Davy. I think making resolution just puts undue pressure on us. Take one day at a time, and try and make the most of that day.

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This poem is funny, clever and usually true, but I am hoping for less of the same in the New Year!
It’s only the first week in January, we can’t give up yet!

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