The Space Between Trees

The Space Between Trees 2018


Ooh.. this plays as a tease to our imagination, D! Well done. πŸ˜€

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I must defer to my roots here Davy, the crow is the spirit, feminine aspect and is associated with second sight, war and death hence your amazing mindblender, for me, is one of the Celtic goddesses (beauty) and her portents.
On a more emotional level, I’m transported to a winter woodland scene, as a boy, and I can hear distinctly, like crystal, the voice, the majesty of a crow claiming the forest as it’s own, and watching my approach.
Wonderful poetry to ponder, imagination & intellect fired ! Thank you.

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    Thank you Nigel and your thoughts combine how this one came about. The seed came whilst walking through a wood and hearing crows nesting in nearby trees. I had also just watched The Omen trilogy in which the macabre side of the Crow is well featured. I think the Crow gets some bad press as, as you have eloquently stated, there is other more mystic associations with them.

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      A bit of Poet’s on leys again Davy, I’ve been watching Magpies on YouTube and though I’ve seen them raiding nests etc, I was amazed to see 6-7 cawing around a fallen comrade or being petted like a kitten or doing things seemingly for fun, fascinating creatures. I’ve certainly been persuaded to look with more of an open mind at corvids.

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      Agreed Nigel, there is a certain richness about them. Certainly good fodder for the poet.

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Now this puts to my mind the panic of deforestation. You are very good with these haikus , Davy. I am never disappointed. You write intelligently. That is why I enjoy it more.

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I felt a little sadness when I read the words the space between trees, I felt there was no more shelter for the preening birds. Birds have a sense of climatic change and sometimes of impending disaster that I often wonder what all their chatter is about. some very interesting thoughts from you Davy.

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Mysterious and yet playful, this poem drew me into silence. Well done, Davy. πŸ™‚

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Love this one – perfect opening for a horror story!

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I LOVE that you used the word bragging. The crow does seem like a rather cocky, self assured kind of bird, doesn’t he? The minute I read it I could hear the β€œCaw, Caw, Caw!” In my head. Isn’t it funny how on a spooky evening the same bird can give you goosebumps but on a sunny day it walks around squawking like a mini version of Mick Jagger, bragging to the world how awesome he is. πŸ˜‰

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A hoard of these fantastic birds are collectively known as a murder!
So, Mr D, collectively speaking, we, your readers, also require a group noun. Any ideas??

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I ❀ this haiku, Davy! It gives me so much to think about!

We have crows and ravens here and I love how they love to talk! When I take Cooper for walks we see them in the trees and on top of light poles. I say, "Hey, guys! How are you doing today?" and they talk back to me. Sometimes they even start the conversations. They are so intelligent! They are a joy to watch and interact with verbally!

I hope there will always be plenty of trees for the birds to thrive in. I can't imagine life without birds.

HUGS!!! πŸ™‚
PS…Remind me…when will Poetic Beats start again?! I miss it!

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I love this, Davy because it brings back memories of my childhood.
The trees in my backyard would be full of crows and they would caw and raise a real ruckus. I was fascinated with them and used to wonder what they were saying to each other. I don’t see many crows where I live now.

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    Thank you Eugenia, I think they have all moved over to the woods where I walk. There is a lot of them. I know what you mean about the ruckus as they make it each time I walk under them.


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