Streets of London

Streets of London

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Sat on a wet pavement, outside of St. James Park tube station, a young homeless girl pulls a shiny black coat button from a McDonald’s milk shake cup. She smiles and places it into her jeans pocket. It means more than the discarded loose change. It may change her luck.



In court 4 at Tower Bridge Magistrates Court, Lawrence Jackson of 14 Acacia Drive, Rotherhithe, SE15 is disqualified for 3 years after being found guilty of dangerous driving. His defence of, “I had to drive on the pavement, as the road was full,” causes the Clerk of the Court to raise her left eyebrow.



The body of a poet lies undiscovered in a basement flat in South Kensington. Nobody read his poetry, not even him.



A single mum with three children takes them to the local playground. Despite the broken glass and discarded syringes the smiles, as they swing through the air and get dizzy on the roundabout, make her believe in the moment.



Two billionaires shake hands over a £215 bottle of Chardonnay. Perched at a table in a Mayfair restaurant, they look over the City and in unison shout, “The streets of London, now belong to us.”



On a nameless estate, on a nameless street, in a forgotten part of the capital, a mother cries for her son as his bodybag is loaded into an ambulance. For the immediate future he will be known only as victim number 87.



Prime Minister’s Question Time, Westminster – In response to the question, from The Right Honourable Member from Lewisham East, re social issues in the capital, The Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Theresa May, states data, collected from reliable government agencies, indicate matters, in London, have never been better.


© Davy D 2018




Davy, I am deeply touched by these vignettes – verses painting the capital in such sure and colourful strokes.
All seven snapshots of the city brings painful picture of division and pain. The £ 215,- bottle set against the homeless girl’s shiny button of a Mille shake cup.
London has never been better.

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    Thank you Miriam, it is something that is close to my heart as I spent 30 plus years living and working there. The divide between rich and poor is getting greater and there is a Government just sitting saying everything’s fine. I think this could be a snapshot for many areas in the UK at the moment.

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Davy, you’ve given us collection of powerful truths, from one who not only sees but has seen. The pen is indeed mighty when wielded by the poet. Bravo sir ! Bravo

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    Thank you Nigel. I deeply appreciate those words. The idea came after reading The Mersey Sound and a style used by Adrian Henri in the Sixties. I wasn’t sure whether to post it or not but will be used for a discussion piece in February.

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Your words create such vivid, poignant paintings/masterpieces in my mind, Davy.

If London could talk…these are the stories it would tell…you’ve done a brilliant job in speaking for such an important city filled with people, each person important.

I have friends who are in law enforcement, others who are firefighters and EMT’s. They see humanity up close and personal…the frailty, sadnesses, loss, unfairness, struggles, (etc). 😦


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    Thank you Carolyn and they are professions that leave deep scars. But I would also add it shows you the strength and resilience of the human spirit. You find people discovering humility and compassion in the gravest of circumstances. Thank you for your thoughts.

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A powerful presentation, Davy, all the more impressive coming from your personal experience of dealing with the nuances and traumas of daily life in the big city. I’ve heard the same denial of the truth from politicians of all persuasions … Plus c’est la meme chose!

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    Thank you Roland and you are so right, it doesn’t seem to matter which political party is in power. The only two parties that seem to exist in the UK at the moment are the rich and the not rich parties.

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You have given a glimpse into the world that tourists will never visit. Homelessness, hunger, racial tension, violence and death. I pray for the real heroes that face these problems everyday and then have to go home to their families and pretend the world is fine.

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Very interesting, Davy. The realistic side of life that some don’t care to see.

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Davy, I thoroughly enjoyed this short story, vignettes style of poetry! Truly impactful writing on a very sad topic. 😊😢

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Davy, this is brilliant and reminds me of the poverty and despair in the U.S. too. The gap between the rich and poor continues to widen (about half of Puerto Rico is still without power three months after Hurricane Maria). I love the format and how you created a different scene with each numbered stanza. Those are powerful images and contrasts. You took me into all the nooks and crannies of London. 🙂

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    Thank you Laura and I really appreciate your kind words and feedback. Sadly the gap between rich and poor is getting greater in the UK and we have a Government operating on soundbites telling us everything is ok. Sadly some of these were things I saw working in London.

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Your writing is absolutely beautiful and leaves me wanting more!! Love it!

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