Run Your Own Race

Run Your Own Race

It is that time again when the inbox is full of tips and advice about setting goals and making New Year’s resolutions. The phrase for 2018 seems to be “Run Your Own Race” and this is a good starting point for the first Thursday Thoughts.

Life feels like it’s getting quicker and 2017 went in a flash. At times I felt like Usain Bolt (in mind, not in body.) One of my challenges in 2017 was to post on Inside the Mind of Davy D each Monday to Friday. Apart from one week I managed it, but I reached the finishing line a little exhausted and needing a strategy to run a different kind of race in 2018.

Two pieces of writing I read in the last week had an impact on me and provided some ideas on how my race in 2018 will look. Gina, over at Singledust, wrote an excellent post, What am I thankful for? giving time for reflection and recognising the good things we have in our lives. This made me realise sometimes we need to slow down and look back in the race to see how far we have come, applauding ourselves on the steps we have taken.

Fiona, on her Wordsworth Muse blog, wrote a beautiful poem titled Butterfly Daze.  One of the lines, “Because they have so little time to live,” reinforced the seed left by Gina and planted the thought maybe we need to have the occasional time out from the race, take a few deep breaths and spend time looking at our surroundings and getting to know more about the people we are racing with.

So, for 2018, I am taking off the sprinting spikes and putting on the carpet slippers and my race is going to be more of a ramble. I will still be posting Monday to Friday, but when I need to take a time out……… I will.

Some of you may have seen my Poetic Goals for 2018 and although they were a little tongue in cheek they express the notion of getting deeper into poetry. This means taking time to reflect and exploring my motivations and inspirations as a poet and experimenting with different styles of writing and poetry. It also involves getting to know more about the writers and poets in this excellent writing community, and finding others who can add to the conversation.

At times in 2017 it just felt like a brief hello and wave before racing off into the distance. The purpose of Thursday Thoughts is to try and address the imbalance and deepen and share the love we have for all things poetic.

Slowing down, more time for reflection, getting deeper into poetry and knowing you all better, the pulse rate is dropping already.  How will your writing race look in 2018?  It would be nice to read your thoughts.



I am so honoured to be mentioned here and that my little lines were even noticed. Thank you Davy for bringing the thoughts together, showing us that in slowing down we can actually do more. Just today I had my afternoon off and cooked a meal instead of rushing around doing chores, and my son brought a friend home unexpectedly. We had a cosy lunch as the rains fell heavily and we talked, not chatted, actually talked. I got to know my son a little better and the man he is growing up to be. And a new friend had a hot lunch! If I did my normal rush about town, I would have missed out on this. I look forward to the slower ramble, they produce some really inspiring moments when someone just shares unabashedly and then you take the conversation to a higher level.

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    Your words were a gift at that time Gina and thank you for posting them. They provided a good example of what I was trying to say. I am pleased your time time out provided such joy and another example of what can happen when we take time to stop. Thank you for sharing it.

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Its really true that sometimes we need to slow down….in anything and in everything we do…Gina really left a brilliant thought to ponder…

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    Thank you Mich and you are so right in what you say. Gina’s post was one that left a lasting thought. I think sometimes the pace of life moves us away from our own experiences and that of others. Thank you for taking time out to comment and hope all is well.

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I love the image of removing the sprinting spikes and putting on the carpet slippers. I’m cheering from the sidelines, as I try to do the same. All the best to you Davy. I suspect I’m not the only one who sees you as Mentor and friend. 🙂

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This was such a helpful and positive piece, Davy! Thanks so much for posting it! I will have to start gleaning the seeds of inspiration you left! Bravo!!!

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Gina’s post was a very heartfelt reminder of the rewards of slowing down. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed reading!

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Good to learn you are going to take time to smell the flowers Davy. At my age, I can ill afford to have time fly by so quickly.

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What beautiful advice, wise loving words, and a great challenge, Davy!

My 2018 Writing Race will vary from day to day…some days I will be running and others just ramblin’. 🙂 It depends on the time, inspiration, my muse, my feelings, my schedule, etc. But, one thing for sure…I will write. 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

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Davy, what a meaningful post and I think of you as a mentor, as well. I agree that we should take time to smell the roses. Our poetry is our way to reflect on our moods and passions and perhaps, 2018 will be the year to reflect on appreciating the beauty around us. “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”-Maya Angelou

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    I love that quote Eugenia and thank you for sharing and for your kind comments. As Maya Angelou says, beauty goes deeper than what we see on the surface. I agree about 2018 and we can help to make this with our writing.

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I’m going for the opposite. I’m going to running towards my goal. But judging by the size of it, it’s going to be a bit like sprinting a marathon. Maybe next year I’ll hang up my running shoes for a while, but this year, I’m going to have to give it everything I’ve got 😁

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This is such an inspiring post, Davy. And I’ll be looking for a follow up on how you manage because I know that transitions can be tricky. I would like to slowdown, but in many ways I’m just getting started, while raising the last of my four youngsters. Sometimes, I can’t even figure out my direction, and my head starts spinning every which way. But I did quit Twitter. I’m taking a month off because it was getting out of hand and had become a distraction. Do I want to be a twitterer or a writer? And I find so much more meaning here than on Twitter. Your work keeps me in touch with other forms of writing than science and non-fiction. I look forward to 2018 with Davy D and hope to visit other members of your writing community too!

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    Thank you Laura and I am glad you appreciated the post. I took a break from Twitter last year and let it run on an automated feed and there was not much difference to when I was fully engaged with it. I think this year I will be more focused on the projects and writing what I want to and have the courage to say no to other things. Hopefully it will give me more time to explore myself as a poet. Hope all is well with you.

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Sir this is a very nice article, thought provoking, I am going to reblog this one for you.

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Slowing down, reflecting, is a positive step. The danger with writing blogs – especially on a strict schedule – can be either you burn out, or the blog begins to burn out, or both.

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