Northern Echoes

DSC00500 (1)Photo image: © Davy D 2018


Just one bar for the fire,

scones on her best china,

the willow pattern faded.

bairns outside, their faces

wiped by hanky and spit

still stood tall and proud


lost in her bleak cage

she laments on her freedom

but it never nears


A terrier by his side

the old lad sits there,

silently nursing pints,

an air of contentment,

and knowing awaits

behind cap shaded eyes.


scattered in the snug

faces worn in history

stare from faded walls


Cut short summer camps,

dad worried about money,

the feeling of adventure

in exotic lands 100 mile

from home, knowing that

we are poor but so happy.


sat under canvas

in our fairy-tale castle

we hide from dragons


© Nigel P Smith & Davy D 2018


A big thank you to Nigel over at Voices Of A Hidden Self for this collaboration. When I suggested this, he came up with an East v West format to combine our different styles of poetry. And when West (Cumbria)  meets East (Yorkshire), or a Marra dances with a Tyke, you get echoes from the North. 



This is lovely. And intriguing. With a great photo!

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Stunning photo and I loved how the two of you bounced off of each other in this poem. Amazing effort. 🙂

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    Thank you Gwen. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Nigel. He had the foresight to see how our different styles would come together and good to get feedback to hear it reads well.


An impressive collaboration. The title is of course also the name of North-east’s favourite daily newspaper. You certainly capture an essence so familiar to me.

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A wonderful, seamless collaboration.

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What a brilliant collaboration between you and Nigel!
Until you told us…I never would have guessed this was written by two people!
Wherever we live, we can relate to your memories and emotions.
(((HUGS for both of you!!! 🙂

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Davy and Nigel,
This is such a great poem. It conveys the life of an era in the North
as clearly or better than a movie. Too many lines are good for picking one out. Beautiful work and emotive photo.

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Stunning collaboration. Bravo!

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Loved this – felt I was present. Great collaborative work! It felt historically nostalgic, even though it wasn’t one’s own life.

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