Devil’s Advocate

Devil's Advocate


I can only imagine the experiences you have had!
There’s a lot in these few words!

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    Thank you Vanessa and they are experiences that stay with you. The worst ones were where they described what they did and to them it was a normal conversation. No emotion. You could see the evil in their eyes though.


This is so intense Davy..

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This is getting better and better, your haikus are filled with interesting intelligent theories. Omg. I love this.

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A soulless person is really scary and you’ve captured it brilliantly in just a few lines. This is an unforgettable image, Davy. Well done!

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I like the duality of your context and of the suggestion in your title, Davy. I am imagining the interviewer playing that role, the interviewee perhaps just being themselves. Or perhaps. at times, the reverse could be true. An fascinating situation for conjecture.

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    Thank you Roland and it is true what you say. Sometimes these situations were like a game of chess. With, at times, one playing the others pieces. I am glad you picked up the double meaning in the title.


OOH! and EEK! 😮 😦
Such a powerful image you have presented to us, Davy! Igniting our emotions!
I was thinking about how a person who can be a good devil’s advocate often gets to the truth.

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Wow, Davy! This a powerful piece. Bravo!

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Psychopathic nothingness stares back at you.

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