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On the last Thursday of each month Thursday Thoughts will focus on one of the blogs I read and gain inspiration from.  Many of you may already know and read these blogs, but I wanted to dedicate this space to shine a little light on their work and signpost their blogs, so others may share the love.

For my first visit and feature of 2018 I am heading over to The Militant Negro, who is one of the shining lights of this community. Its author, JB, dedicates his writing and blog to fighting the oppression and injustice taking place in the world. He is also a collector and spends his days trawling the internet to find the best blogs, writing, poetry, music, art, you name it, and bring it all into one place.

The Militant Negro is one my first ports of call at the start of the day and more so if I am weary and lacking inspiration. My favoured posts of JB are his monthly roundups where he highlights everything you need to know about the month, its symbols, observances, celebrations and festivals. Who would have known today is Opposite Day, where everything you do, say and hear are exactly the opposite. I am not writing this post and you are not reading it. Have a look at January as there are still some weird and wonderful days to celebrate. National Clock Punching Day looks a good one.

For those of you with faint hearts or of a nervous disposition be warned, JB is someone who tells it as it is. As he says, “when a man speaks the truth with No concern for consequences, He becomes a great man.”  His writing never fails to leave me with a smile or spending five minutes screaming at the computer screen.

Please pay JB and The Militant Negro a visit and give some thanks for the excellent and unselfish work he does to promote art and the work of many bloggers in the Worstpress  community. You will not be disappointed.



He is one of the best!!!

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Davy, a great shout-out for JB and his blog – I’ve only come across him recently but he certainly makes an impression! Wishing you (or is that not wishing you) a great Opposite Day!😀😃

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Thanks for the heads-up Davy, I’ll pop over n say hi.

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I love his blog. He is a great supporter of fellow bloggers. Plus, the appearance of his blog is outstanding. JB is very talented and an asset to blog land.

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Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™ and commented:
THIS right here is an honor, one of the highest. My Davy D’s mind is highly regarded in the WordPress community. Showing love to me, well it makes me humble, happy and inspired. Thank you Mr. Davy D.

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I will go by, read, and leave a comment. And some HUGS, of course.
Thank you for sharing this blogger with us!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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I’m a recent follower of JB, but I agree with every word!😊

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To any who don’t know of or follow JB on “The Militant Negro” you are missing a great experience! Do yourself a favor and follow JB’s blog with a Daily Digest. He is such a great supporter of the writing community, talented writers and super content here on WP.

His generous efforts to support and promote great posts is a labor of love by him for all of us on WP. I have been blessed to find so much wonderful content and seeds of inspiration on his blog and have also been honored to have a few of my posts shared by him! Five Stars!
Kudos to JB!!!!
Thanks so much Davy for this great post on JB and The Militant Negro!!

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Don’t miss the chance to come and learn about JB and The Militant Negro and all the great content and writers he spotlights on his site. If you are lucky you may find your post shared with his followers! Come meet My Friend JB on DavyD’s site.

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He is doing a selfless job of supporting the works of bloggers and writers by featuring them on his website and also doing his bit for the society by fighting against the prevailing injustice. More strength to him!!

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Ahah! Thank you for sharing, D. And I am happy to find another blogger within this community. 😀

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