Poetic Motivations:77

Poetic Motivations_77


Absolutely ! Everything has a start & finish but that’s not necessarily the same as the beginning & end. Nice one Seamus and thank you Davy.

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Oh yes! But what about the in-betweens? Can they not be the beginning and the end?

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Oh wow….thank you for sharing this..

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Oh, I like this! The beginning, the end, and the in-between. Turn it upside down and you have another creation.

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Very intriguing Davy and thought provoking. There always seems to be a start and a finish but I have to admit that the finish has many times changed when I felt a stanza was superfluous or similar in some other part. Maybe It doesn’t matter as long as it IS.

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    Thanks Miriam. I often wonder if a poem is ever finished. Sometimes I come back to a poem years on and it changes. Maybe the poem is just a snapshot in time. Thank you for your thoughts. Maybe a train of thought to bring to my Thursday slot.

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You are so right. I have found this with all “older” ones. Snapshot in time and perhaps at times both so and an eternal truth.
Good idea for Thursday slot


Seamus is right of course. Each reading and re-reading of any poem worthy of the name seems to add to the depth of its meaning. So often I feel I am being immersed in an idea which extends beyond the poem’s context and its framework. As usual, I find your chosen image complements the quotation so well.

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    Thank you Roland. I also think a good poem brings something different each time you visit it. Some poems you just have to live with for a while to get the full experience.


Yes! Love this! Seamus is right on! I don’t think poems are ever complete. And certainly what the poem means to the reader (the emotional connection the poet makes with the reader) lives on and on. And what one poet writes inspires other poets to write.
HUGS!!! 🙂

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