Cities V2


The malaise and malady of contemporary society summarised in erudite verse.
Love this Davy !

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    Thank you Nigel and I am pleased you like it. Most people in cities these days walk head down and miss the beauty right above them in the skylines.

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      Or around Davy, we had a chat off the back of my piece ‘ a city haven’ about city parks and you mentioned feeling the peace in the early hours on the beat. And of course the architecture. That once great city Bradford, no known for urban decay, was once said to have more Rolls Royces per head of population than London and raising your head 45 degrees reveals fantastic buildings of every style imaginable.

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      I spent a bit of time at Beckett Park when it was Leeds Polytechnic Nigel and we used to go into Bradford. I agree the architecture was stunning. Also had a police escort out of Queensbury after we had beaten them in a National Cup Rugby League under 19 game. That was a totally different Bradford.

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… and, unfortunately, Davy, no one in our political scene appears to have the ideas and the necessary will to do anything about it. So, we remain, as your last line confirms, fatalistic.

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Such truth in this one, Davy! And great photo pairing!

When I was in Philadelphia, PA sight-seeing and doing a lot of walking, I tried to get people to look me in the eye…I wanted to nod and smile and say a kind word to them. But almost 100% of them had their eyes on their iPod or phone or etc and never looked up. 😦
One little girl looked right at me and we smiled at each other and waved. She was wearing a cute reindeer stocking cap! πŸ™‚

HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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    Thank you Carolyn. I think it is true for most modern cities these days. The world seems to be attached to their iphones. I was out for lunch the other day with my wife and on the next table were a couple and their two children. Each one of them was glued to their iphone and never uttered a word to each other all the time they were sat there. I know new technology has some great advantages but wonder where it is taking us as a species.

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this was very clever Davy, redundant chimney pots and we all become ash, brilliant!

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Oh, my! This is brilliant, Davy.

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This poem should be posted on a city billboard for all to see. A powerful and timely message. Love it!

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The destruction of society is being fast forwarded by technology. Will we forget how to speak? In the future will our fingers so the talking. Will looking into someone’s eyes be only something read about in stories on our iPad?

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