Poet in Radio Shocker

Davy D Hijacks the Radio

Warning the following post contains some shameful advertising.

There hasn’t been much thinking going on this week because I have spent most of it in a wild state of panic.

Visitors to this blog will know over the last six months I have become a bit of a diva / luvvie and  taken Inside the Mind of Davy D onto the airwaves, with the Poetic Beats project on my local radio station. Well, guess what?……… they have only let me take over the radio station completely for two hours this Saturday.  I REPEAT….. they have only let me take over the radio station for two hours this Saturday. I know, it’s bonkers, on a par with Donald Trump taking over the Whitehouse.

The past week has been devoted to fine tuning my favourite poems and selecting some of my all-time favourite songs creating a mixture of excitement and full on fear in the Davy D household. Mrs D and the fish have moved into the garden shed and are refusing to return until it’s all over.

There will be a Will-i-am fest with poems from William Wordsworth, William Blake and William Butler Yeats, with a few Davy D rhymes thrown in, backed by some excellent tracks (I would say that wouldn’t I?)

So why not come and join me this Saturday, the 3rd of February, between 12.00pm and 14.00pm GMT. I know most of you are outside the reception area, but you can get it on the internet by following this link at Red Kite Radio.

Please tune in, the radio studio can be a lonely place.


Hurrah ! Poet power ! That is great news Marra ! Fill ya boots ar kid !
Will I be able to hear it live via t’interwebbery n mi’ crazy voodoo lap-thingy or do I need to borrow a radiogram ?

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    The first step in world domination for us Nigel and a poetry book won the Costa Book Prize this year. So things are looking up. Thanks for the support. I think the radiogram may be out of reach but I am informed you can get it on voodoo lap things. It is apparently on the Tune In Radio App and the Red Kite Radio website. I’ve broke out in a sweat getting that technical.

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Hiya Davy, can I have your autograph after.😊 . Having these famous people around – what next.
And will you please make sure that Mrs D has it warm and snug in the shed….pretty please, it sounds cold for a February morning.

Now, you will of course do brilliant at the show and take to it like a fish to water. Will liste on the link provided.

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    P.s. What about something by Robert McGogh or Kipling…….😊
    have I added to panic. good luck

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      Unfortunately not this time Miriam as everything has to be submitted and approved in advance. I have some Kipling planned for a future edition of Poetic Beats. One of the things that restricts the choice is copyright. I have discovered a poem doesn’t come into the public domain until 70 years after the poets death here in the UK. Any poetry outside of that you have to get the poets permission. I will be contacting Roger McGough as he is one of my favourite poets and is regularly requested on the show. So hopefully we may get permission to read some of his poetry later in the year.

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    Thank you for your kind words and support Miriam. Don’t we celebs have to start sending out signed photos or something 🙂 Mrs D is fine and she is coming back to the homestead at 2pm Saturday.

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Yeah!! Congratulations, Davy!! 🎉 Very exciting and I feel for you. I’m in a similar state of panic as I’ve been asked to talk at a local school as an author!! What?! I am beyond terrified .. but still somehow said yes! My son was nonplussed and reminded me that at one stage I’d considered teaching…so?! My husband has retreated to his study in the garage – wise move! Good luck on Saturday, you seem to have it sorted – I’ll try and tune in! 😀

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    Excellent Annika, two panickers together 🙂 I am sure you will be brilliant and the kids will love you and your words. Please let me know how you get on and thank you for your kind words and support. It seems our other halves are very wise in these matters as we creatives can be high maintenance in times of stress 🙂

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this is excellent news Davy and congratulations that the station is giving you the credit you deserve, Poetic Beats is very revolutionary. I have enjoyed the segments I have tuned into very much. Mrs D is finding it very amusing watching you from the garden shed. I am sure she surreptitiously places cups of tea within your easy reach as rehearse your lines. Can’t wait to hear it!

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    Thank you so much for these kind words and for your support Gina, it is deeply appreciated. Mrs. D has been a rock with this project, she always gives honest feedback and love in support in equal measures. But the shed is the best place until its over lol.

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Congratulations and celebrations! Well deserved … looking fwd🙂

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Hey hey Davey, congratulations, will do my best to listen from the US. Love and a hug and bravo Susan W

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Yey…hurray Davy…a toast..

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Congrats. I can tell all the world that I knew you when he was just a little d and now you are a superstar DAVY D. A toast to you my friends. I will do my best to listen in from the frozen northwest America.

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Congratulations, Davy. I hope to be able to listen in.

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Wow. Congratulations to you, Davy❣️🌹

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I have it in my diary, Davy. Must now remember to be at my computer by Saturday midday. Best of luck.

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This is wonderful news. I hope to listen in! You’ll be fantastic, Davy.

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How cool! Congrats, Davy! 🙂
You are going to a GREAT job! 🙂
Know that you won’t be alone! Many of us will be there with you and many more people will be listening and enjoying, too! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂
PS…what you said about Mrs. D and the fish made me laugh! 😀 I’m sure she is your biggest sweetest supporter! 🙂

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I’m thrilled to hear the news, Davy! I’ll join Mrs. D in the shed, if she’ll let me. 🙂 No, really–congratulations. I hope to listen to at least part of the show. Wishing you the best and sending nice thoughts through the air waves.

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Congratulations Davy! Will definitely try to listen in a bit on Saturday. Thanks for the link.

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This is exciting. Congrats, Davy!

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…and a great show it was Dave. Looking forward to more ‘DavyD takes over the radio’.

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