Night Pigs

Poetic Beats

Welcome to this week’s Poetic Beats with Howard Bond and Davy D, recorded on the 29th of January 2018 on Red Kite Radio.

Changes in climate and a rapid urbanisation programme across the South of England are reducing the numbers of hedgehogs and destroying their natural habitat. In this episode of Poetic Beats, we look at Davy D’s poem Night Pigs, a poem describing a night visit to his garden by hedgehogs, and discuss some of the issues facing the hedgehog and its surroundings.

If you have difficulty listening to the programme, a text version of the poem is included after the sound bar.

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Night Pigs


Dark eyes and snouts appear

from the rustling undergrowth.

Two slick backed spinal wigs

illuminated by garden light.


The Night Pigs emerge

snuffle by snuffle,

legs purposeful in a

midnight dad dance,

advancing on a prey

not designed for resistance.


Tiddles stands guard,

miffed, but pain

and experience taught

him the pecking order.


In perfect harmony

they trough the cat food,

each mouthful broken by

a glance for enemies,

the occasional stand down

to hoover surrounding debris.


The pendulum’s swing slows time,

until empty bowls

signal a sprint back

into the bosom

of the willow,

a final rustle their

thanks, and goodbyes.


Soon, Winter will be upon them

and who knows

how long they will sleep?


© Davy D 2018






A gentle, life-affirming take on such a valuable and elusive garden friend. Thank you, Davy.

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Such a wonderful poem and dreamy too. I can feel the peaceful garden with the hedgehogs feasting whilst the now wise Tiddles stands by.
I used to have hedgehogs in the garden but reading this I realise it was a couple of years since now……wonder how to tempt them back.

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Fantastic art of words

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Wonderful, Davy!

I’d love to see a hedgehog! I’ve never seen one “in the wild”.
(I’ve seen javelinas up close and personal. 🙂 )

I loved learning about the hedgehogs! Thank you!
I need to giggle…er…goggle…er…google “hedgehogs” and learn some more! 🙂

HUGS!!! Have fun being IN the radio on Saturday! You’re going to do splendidly! I’m gonna’ try to listen! 🙂
PS…I love Valentines Day! ❤

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As always, you leave me with delightful imagery. I’ve never seen a hedgehog, but in the U.S. we have backyard possums and raccoons, who have also mastered the art of stealing cat food. But I especially like the last line of the poem where you wonder how long they’ll sleep. That leaves me thinking about possible meanings. Beautiful.

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Wonderful poem, Davy. Your words so artfully crafted – a real treat.

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Wonderful reading of your incredible poem, Davy. Your explanations enriched it even more as the discussion followed. Bravo!

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An excellent poem Davy! Loved that you take such care to be kind to these tiny animals. And giving them each a distinct character! Such joy to have these visitors to add to the poignancy of night time reflection. Was Tiddles the cat? Very noble Davy, not just for the concern but an effort to take care of those tiny components of nature we easily overlook because they are so small. a little reading this but happy that I do now as it gives me a very warm feeling and lovely start to the week here on the equator. Looking forward to the 2 hour show!

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    Tiddles was indeed the cat Gina, but I changed his name to honour his privacy 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the show and we could do with some of your heat over here in the UK. They are forecasting the coldest week of the winter, so far. A week to be stuck in the Poetry Den 🙂 Have a good week.

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      the cat needs anonymity! master plan that! yes the monsoon is leaving our shores and the heatwave seems imminent. Almost 33 degree C here now. the coldest week sounds ominous Davy, load up on supplies, tea and biscuits and lots of chocolate before you get into that Den! keep warm and snug please.

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      33 degrees Gina 🙂 I will dream of that this week while I eat the chocolate.


Davy, I enjoyed reading your poem about hedgehogs. Couldn’t get audio for some reason? Also was laughing out loud at your comments today. God bless the 🦔 hedgehogs!

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Love how you capture the innocence of these little characters going about their daily business. We can learn a lot about priorities from taking heed of the amimals

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