Poetic Motivations:79

Poetic Motivations_79


Beautiful and true thanks for sharing..

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Interesting quote, Davy. Real with a capital R. I suppose we would all have our own definition of what is meant. Nothing to do with soccer no doubt!). Thanks for giving me this puzzler to start off my thinking week.

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I feel that the poet is seeking what is deeply true and the basis of ourselves. As opposed to all that is artificial and pretense or imitations for effect.

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    A good point Miriam and you highlight his point in capitalising the Real. I think if the poet is not part of the poetry, or is trying to imitate, then the poem can lose its connection and emotion. Maybe, as you say, poetry is the search for our true self? Thank you for your thoughts.

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Oh, I agree! Quite interesting, Davy, because the definition of “real” will vary upon the individual.

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Amazing quote! And I agree! I feel this way, but would never have been able to put it in those perfect words! πŸ™‚

Poetry reveals so much real…deep and real from the poet’s mind, heart, and life!

HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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