First Love

First Love


the frosted window pane etching makes me think of love at its newest and sweetest. and the whimsy of the last line made me sigh, the wind carrying this love to touch another couple breathing the same air. lovely poetry Davy. the sonnet is rubbing off on you.

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… sad! But at least the heart remained. Great image, Davy.

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Those short, aching stories.
Lovely 🙂

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I love the way this uses the ‘winds of fate’ idea Davy, the poignant, dreamy marking of a heart on frosted glass. Whether the wind blew the sentiment away or not, such a sigil once written always remains, invisible but real.

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Wow. Wonderful. Davy , your awesome with these haikus.

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Extraordinary. Truly. I love the preciousness of the moment and the sense of time. You’ve captured both beautifully. 🙂

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Sweet and poignant, Davy! You’ve captured emotions and an experience that we can all relate to. Thank you! Now I’m thinking about the first boy I had a crush on…and then the most important real first love…boy…that I fell in love with at age 14.

(Next time we should have the carving done on a tree or written in cement!!! 😉 😛 Ha! Just a joke!)

Guess what?! When we get snow, I go around and draw hearts and smiley faces on my neighbor’s car windshields! 🙂

HUGS!!! 🙂

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Short and sweet – love blowing in the wind.

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So sad and melancholy and leaves me thinking of serendipity.

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